31 December 2008

The Big Rat on a Big Day

It's New Years Eve. It's been a year. Yay.

To round out the roller coaster of a year that I've been having I came
to Disneyland with some friends. Specifically it's my cousins birthday
today and she really wanted to spend it at the Happiest Place on earth
with the hottest guy (@dsummer) and the funniest guy (@debono) she
knows. And @gowebbgo because that's how she rolls.

We all got wet on Splash Mountain and everyone is having a rip-roaring
time running amuck.

As fun as this is, I hope my next year keeps the roller coastering
inside the parks.

14 December 2008

First snow of the year!

It snowed a lot last night.

I watched from the balcony as sheets of fluffy white rained down and
covered everything. The sense of cleansing and making new was very
strong for some completely emo reason.

Last night sat in the second row for Matt Nathanson and watched this
moving and passionate artist extract emotion in each song. He so
eloquently pulls the depth of the collective reality into the light of
music evoking a new level of transparency in self-reflection.

Later in the show, the haunting harmony of Ingrid Michaelson and the
lady with her ( Amy Moss ? ) just captivated me and eased me back to

After the show as I walked home through the snow I felt so invigorated
and refreshed. More so than in a long time.

But on the balcony watching the huge flakes floating down, a sense of
melancholy returned. A little nostalgia perhaps? I'm sure it had more
than a little to do with spending one of my first days out of contact
with some of the people I love.

In any case, I went to bed feeling very much like a sock that's been
through the washer and the dryer and sometime during the tumble cycle,
lost his partner. I'm still a perfectly good sock. Maybe you could use
me as a puppet?

The snow on the ground outside my window reminded me of how even in a
night of fitful dreams the world keeps going. In the morning, if
you're lucky, there will be a whole new playground on which to
frolick. That's part of why snow is so beautiful to me. It transforms
and makes things new.

I sit here now watching people arise and leave their homes to play in
the whiteness, I listen to my roommate snoring, about to leave and fly
to a warmer place, and I don't feel melancholy any more.

You see, that's the other good thing about snow. It's cold. It makes
you numb.

23 November 2008

Beauty can be fun. Fun is always beautiful.

On a whim and by request of a friend, I came down to LA last night and
saw Twilight with some friends.

Continuing the adventure we decided to take in the Getty.

I was teaching Janis about music, specifically emo at a Hellogoodbye

Today we are teaching Claire about art as she has never been here

Last night we taught Danny about fun and making good decisions.

What are you learning today?

21 November 2008

Ace Enders Rocked My Socks Off

Tonight at the El Corazon I got to see Never Shout Never, Play Radio
Play, Ace Enders, and Hellogoodbye.

We danced and sang our hearts out with a cool slice of the Seattle

While watching the different bands I was reminded how important I
think a good drummer is to a band. Take +44 for example. An amazing
drummer so therefore an amazing band.

So tonight was anothe proof for my theory. If you haven't heard these
kids, you should check them out.

15 November 2008

The Conversation

My state is such that I once again can't create but feel the need to rip something from inside and show it. So I'll borrow the words from a favorite song writer of mine. Pathetic, but since you aren't here to help...


Do you remember how we met?
Silhouetted by the lights...
You were drunk and tried to take a mental picture with your hands
I was thinking about that
And a bunch of other things
Stop looking at the floor...
I need to pour out this expansive dose of words.

I can't explain...
I need to be alone.

I know the timing isn't great
But these things, you just can't plan.
I just need a little time
So I can find myself again
'Cause I get buried underneath
All the things they think you are
And I'm too tired to pretend it doesn't hurt
To be left out

I had a pocket full of dreams
But I gave them all to you
Now I think I want them back
So can you tell me if I'm crazy or confused?
Don't ever change
The way you are
I've never loved anyone more.

- The Conversation from the album Even If It Kills Me by Motion City Soundtrack

13 November 2008


Promises unrepaired don't hurt as do the pledges stillborn and silent. They are the lies we tell ourselves, the lines left out to make the leaving easier. Shading the truth to me built on the illicit and confusing cacophony in your own delusion. How am I to trust and treat in truth the words you use to handle and appease me?

I sense your fear and turmoil, turbulent and winding though your management may be.

Should I say I see your show you enact for this audience? Should I "Bravo!" and cheer or simply take my leave?

No argument will stand or suffice when the deception starts with self. No right repartee will pierce the veil and assuage the pain of your deceit. If you cannot share your shame, if my very being is so unbecoming, only tell me and the moment is passed.

To manage only makes more mess.

06 November 2008

Skeptics and True Believers

It's been one of those days. So I'm putting up song lyrics because I can. Screw you Jereme.


Don't be so scared
We will not lead you on
Like you've been doing for weeks

So you're selfish and I'm sorry
When I'm gone
You'll be going nowhere fast
Nowhere fast, nowhere fast

Would you believe me
If I said I didn't need you?
'Cause I wouldn't believe you
If you said the same to me, and
Near death, last breath
And barely hanging on
Would you believe me
If I said I didn't need you?

Don't be so scared
To take a second for reflection
To take a leave of absence
See what you're made of

So I'm selfish and you're sorry
When I'm gone
You'll be going nowhere fast
So who's selfish and who's sorry?

Would you believe me
If I said I didn't need you?
'Cause I wouldn't believe you
If you said the same to me, and
Near death, last breath
And barely hanging on
Would you believe me
If I said I didn't need you?

Someone, somewhere said some things
That may have sparked some sympathy
But don't believe
Don't believe a word
You've heard about me

Don't be so scared
It's harder for me

Would you believe me
If I said I didn't need you?
'Cause I wouldn't believe you
If you said the same to me, and
Near death, last breath
And barely hanging on
Would you believe me
If I said I didn't need you?

Someone, somewhere said some things
That may have sparked some sympathy
But don't believe
Don't believe a word you've heard

Would you believe me
If I said I didn't need you?
'Cause I wouldn't believe you
Wouldn't believe you now

-- Skeptics and True Believers from the album Almost Here by The Academy Is..."

03 November 2008

An Attack of Memory

I thought it was time to share some of my writings once again. This one in particular is petty, simple, and trite. But then what did you really expect?


Pardon my sense of the obvious
It's quiet tonight and I still hear your voice
ringing in my ears
The image of you in my mind
stops my breath and my sight
stills my hammering yammering world
all at once.

For just a single hot heartbeat
I lose all my senses
my hands are as cold as my chest
it is burning the yearning intensifies
as I relive it
and crashing my pulse starts again
only racing this time
as thoughts and reality interrupt to remind me
I'm sitting amidst this whole crowd
who are totally separate and serve
to reveal my despair and my drowning

I'm here without you but only in body
within my soul you wait
for I have your promise
you won't leave me sitting alone

Your whispered words find me
your needing and and pleading in my memory
bring me back to my senses
awake from the dreaming
one moment of memory enough to consume me
and leave me elated frustrated sated

Your touch I've awaited to tell me
completely without reservation
no more hesitations
you match me
you'll find me in these quiet moments
when even my ears betray
your voice will find a way
from inside my memory
to free me to ecstasy

If only for a heart span I would trade
the pause in reality that comes from
one single stolen moment with you

If the shadow of single memory of you
undoes me with such abandon
how dare I imagine I might survive
the bliss of a world and day in which
your touch is truly mine

I worry fretting that there are not
sufficient depths in me to contain
the light that is your smiling untiring
incomparable companionship

In the loud words resounding in my head
I say I seek a partner
in this still solitude
I hear your whispered voice ringing in my ears
and pray only that I am found worthy
of that which I've discovered

31 October 2008

Spinning beats for Halloween

My good friend needed someone to lay down tracks for a Halloween party
at his restaurant.

This particular party is promising to be a little nuts. Hopefully I
can keep the karaoke flowing smooth. I'm pretty sure the dance session
will go off alright.

If you can't MC a good costume contest wearing a nun's habit, you need
to hang up your mic and phones.

Have a great Halloween everyone!

21 October 2008

The Kooks

After screwing up the date of the show, I had a chance to see the
Kooks with my buddy Josh at the ShowBox SoDo.

The opener put us both to sleep but gave us time to put away some
drinks and catch up.

The Kooks are pretty rockin' even if their lyrics are infantile from
time to time.

Bottom line: good night out and a fun show.

19 October 2008

They'd Bring Beers Into Church

If you want to get things started make sure you have a Philly boy and
some west coast kids.

Add 3 chicks from Kansas and and 3 from L.A. add several fifths of
vodka, two bottles of Jagger and a ridiculous amount of tequila. Chill
for while in the room then hit an empty club and take it over.

When the music starts and margaritas are disappearing, you'll get to
watch the a Jrock on a Nordic track and an Evan swinging from the A

The stories on the night after are worth any embarassment and mayhem
from the night before.

14 October 2008

Michael Harper, that musician whose cd you really wanted but couldn't find.

After a crazy weekend involving things way to personal and
unbelievable to put in such a public forum, I was able to attend
another great show at The Triple Door.

I was very honored to have the always immaculate Lolly as my escort
this particular evening. She is fantastic company and a remarkably
articulate comversationalist. If you have the pleasure, steep long in
it. If not, find a way to know this amazing individual.

Afterwards, as I was looking forward to a good night early to bed, I
was happily surprised to find out I finally had a chance to see
Michael Harper live. He played a late show at Tost in Fremont and his
loyal and significant fan base was in force.

I waded through the crowd and managed to find a seat by Angela who
insisted on buying me drinks. Who knew a Hemingway Daquiri was so

As I lost myself in the muse that is Michael Harper, I realized I
needed to let those of you who've been trying to get a hold of him
know you missed a great show.

Well done Michael.

11 October 2008

Angels & Airwaves with Weezer @ Key Arena

An underrated band I really enjoy, they opened really high energy and
haven't slowed.

Tonight I was lucky enough to have my good friend Danny with me.

He's not emo like I tend to be, but he's a Weezer fan and all around
good company. I'll miss him when he moves.

Check this tour out when they come to your town!

08 October 2008

An Evening With Cut/Copy

I've been fighting a bit of a cold but tonight I tossed it all to the
wind to go out with my friend and catch a show.

Maybe it was just in honor of my brothers birthday, but I wanted to
feel a little social and alive tonight.

Have you ever just felt that need to get out and be a real person for
a while?

I recommend a show at the ShowBox to restore your spirits and sense of
being alive.

Anyone volunteer to help me pull myself together again tomorrow?

04 October 2008

Trying Something New

Our gang wanted to try something new last night. So we go someplace
we've never been. A place with culture and fun people. And drinks. And
hookah. And dancing. Can't forget the dancing.

It started with Danny and I at happy hour at Umi. The G&T's put me
under so I ended up napping at 8pm while Jereme and Josh snuck out for
gyros. 3 hours and two hookahs later everyone has arrived and the
place is blowing up.

Net result? Two friends get kicked out of bars, Josh insults a random
lady who comes home with us, we lose 3 credit cards and a drivers

Our house looks like we got robbed, I awake to Danny yelling for Lolly
to make breakfast and Josh is playing guitar on my bed. Beautiful.

Oh and we won the dance competition.

Just another Friday night. Keeping things mellow.

04 September 2008

Kell's on a Whim

Finally we go to Kell's.^

After much deliberation and way to much discussion we seize on a great
idea of Miles and head to Kell's.

After @jwalking leads the way with shots as a starter, we find
ourselves sipping Bud Lights on the patio.

The security guard here is quite the d-bag. He has a humongous
attitude problem and a sense of humor warped by an extended power trip.

Right now I'm getting my bro-time on with @jraq and loving every
minute of it.

Perhaps I'll share more details of this raucus night in future posts.

03 September 2008

Shrek The Musical

After a decent (but not necessarily good) meal at the Rock Bottom, we
wandered around until it is now time to take our seats for the

The 5th Avenue is such a gorgeous theatre and I'm really looking
forward to the show.

On a whim I've purchased the Shrek ears and I'm wearing them to the
seeming delight if every adult I encounter. Of course, they could just
be laughing at how silly this is.

You be the judge.

30 August 2008

Sheryl Crow and James Blunt

The weather tonight really cooperated for the show. James Blunt was

Sheryl Crow played quite a few songs I really enjoyed. She's a
reliable and talented artist. Unfortunately, she decided to preach at
us in the middle of her set which always ruins it for me.

A great night anyway.

27 August 2008

You Love Me, But You Don't Know Who I Am

At Wamu Theater watching Hinder, Staind, and 3 Doors Down.

They are ridiculously good live.

My buddy Dave came with and we are really rocking out. Haven't had
this much fun at a show in a while.

For the record, the Wamu Theater really upped their game and have made
it a really classy and respectable venue. What it lacks in acoustics
they make up for in volume and slick style.

Well done, guys!

20 August 2008

One Night in Bangkok

After a great time on the islands i'm heading back to the States

For tonight, it's waterfront dining with the typically quiet Cory. If
his hair isn't on fire he just never has much to say it seems.

Unfortunately for him, the emotional rollercoaster that has been this
vacation means I've been talking his ears off for almost a week.

Good thing the Vegas rules apply in Thailand too.

02 August 2008

Phantom Planet, Jack's Mannequin, and Paramore

Catching a show with my cousins at the Mesa Ampitheater.

At 6pm it cools off enough and the shade is long enough that it
becomes really pleasant to sit outside on the grass and listen.

It helps that we splurged on Coldstone on the way over.

As an added bonus, Danni's mom gave me the third degree about the
upcoming trip. Hehe.

I'll post more pictures later. As usual.

30 July 2008

Cute Is What We Aim For

Tonight I went to see these chaps play the Chop Suey. I didn't even
realize that one of the openers was Ace Ender who started The Early
November, another band I enjoyed.

Ace Ender did a fantastic job pulling I'm the crowd. It's remarkable
how many concerts I go to that are like that!

Needless to see I enjoyed the dancing and moving even in the
ridiculously hot venue.

The crowd was good, and the show was awesome. I would totally see them

27 July 2008

Starbucks Again?

I know that the Manhattan Beach Starbucks is the place to be, but
every frickin' day is a little much.

Once again I settle for the lemonade.

We've got a spot at the Craperie for 8 in 30 minutes. Yummy!

Party at Dane's

This is what happens with Cam, Kevin, and Jake hanging at Dane's pad.

They got rowdy, broke Dane's furniture and downed all his alcohol.

We managed to snap a whole ton of photos showing the amazing time we
had tonight.

Excited for bed. More excited for brunch and to see Lolly tomorrow.

25 July 2008

Doing the Shaimus show

Hanging out in Hermosa Beach with a good contingent of the LA crew.

Shaimus is opening for Scot Fisher at Cafe Boogaloo.

The crowd us rowdy, the drinks are flowing and Cam's mom and aunt are
in the house!

I just had the pleasure of meeting Janis tonight who is a friend of a
friend. She drives a Vespa and is really fun.

Since I'm the DD I get the distinct pleasure of watching the drinkers

Kevin also came tonight. I'm a big fan. He's heading back to the east
coast soon but we're expecting him back. We need him back. Come back

Claire and co got us a prime table because we are with the band. We're
chatting it up as the music plays.

Wishing you were here!

21 July 2008

Good Charlotte

With my cousins watching a great rock show!

First up was The Maine, followed by Metro Station and Good Charlotte.

We're taking a break before Boys Like Girls rock the house.

Aren't you jealous?

17 July 2008

Waiting for The Dark Knight

My buddy Danny got us the sweet hookup for the world premiere of
Batman at the Cinerama.

Now I find myself waiting in line with a motley assortment of
characters and hobos.

What exactly does that say about me? Who cares?! I'm seeing Dark
Knight before everyone else on one of the best theaters in the country!

Danny, you rock!

The APLN Summit

Listening to the opening keynote at The Agile Project Leadership
Network Summit in Seattle.

Lots of rehashed content. Really hoping it isn't a precursor of the

Good conversations with attendees though, which is the point.

15 July 2008

Quotes from an Evening

This evening I had the rare treat of visiting with the families of
some long time friends. The weather was divine, the meal was
succulent, and the company was unparalleled. There were great
childhood stories and secrets revealed, jokes and laughters galore,
and new friendships forged.

One upside of attendance by such interestingly diverse and inspiring
individuals is the ease with which great quotes come forth. A
sampling is included below for your enjoyment.

- I just want to own a monkey.
- Having a mullet means you are either a redneck or European.
- If you want to judge the fudge, go with the pudge.

When it comes right down to it, I'm just blessed beyond all belief and
I most humbly thank my Creator for I am fearfully and wonderfully

After dinner we made s'mores. Yummy! After s'mores we went to
celebrate with Ellen for her 21st birthday at the Irish Emigrant in
the University District. The bartender was really fun and the karaoke
was a blast. Of course watching Danny string things up with the Statue
of Liberty was quite the treat too.

On the way home, I listened to Kate Rusby and Joshua Radin as I drove
the bridge and enjoyed the moon shadows on the water. How much
goodness is one selfish sinner alloted? Evidently there are no bounds
to grace because I received a full measure of merriment many times
over this day. Now to sleep perchance to dream...

11 July 2008

Say What You Want To Say

As I wandered the streets today performing some domestic errands and ignoring the constant interruption of twitter posts about people getting iPhones I had ample time for some self reflection.

Specifically about my lifestyle choices. The most common implied criticism I face almost daily is about choosing to work a job that doesn't match my "qualifications". As if somehow taking a position that makes me happy and doesn't require that I over exert myself is offensive othose people who unfortunately have made themselves slaves to one particular grindstone or another.

How many movies are there where the wise old coot tells the ambitious youngster to just do whatever makes him happy? Haven't we all heard the story of the businessman and the Mexican fisherman?

In the end, I had to just internally give people permission to say whatever they're going to say and just file it into the bit bucket. After all, they will anyway, best to just embrace it.

So now it's back to a job I enjoy that might well be beneath me. I'm happy to let others take advantage as long as I can continue to enjoy the kind of lifestyle to which I've become accustomed.

You guys get out there and grab the bull by the horns. I'm happy to be a spectator shouting Ole!

07 July 2008

Lasagna and A Sunset

With my friends out and about, I had time to be a little domestic tonight. It felt good to spend time just puttering around the kitchen and getting my hands dirty.

As the dishes cooled I took some reading out on the deck to watch the sun going down.

It's been quite some time since I've been able to devote energy into solid blog posts. With the sunsets and the water and the quietness, I probably will continue slacking.

30 June 2008

Billiards with Buddies

After a long hiatus, I finally got a chance to recreate with my cousins and some other friends.

After a chaotic dinner at The Dirty Bird (our affectionate term for Red Robin) we've descended on Dave & Buster's at Desert Ridge. Now we end up watching Thomas and Luke massacre game after game in the Billiards room.

Please let this game end so we can play something else!

29 June 2008

Bremerton Afternoon

Having a bit of an afternoon with friends family. While chilling on the water in Bremerton we were treated to an aircraft carrier cruising into port.

What an amazing evening this is shaping up to be. Just no kayaking for me.

28 June 2008

Elliott Bay Park

The sun is shining and I'm sitting in the grass with my shoes off. The breeze is blowing off the water and I can smell the salt. My headset is keeping my thoughts clear and peaceful.

As I watch the boats putter around the sound, my friends splash in the water and sprawl in the sun.

There are times it hits me like a ton of bricks how less than exceedingly grateful I can be for the outrageous production of frolicking and playfulness that is my life. Simply acknowledging how richly I've been blessed seems trivially insufficient at times like these.

Elliott Bay Park

The sun is shining and I'm sitting in the grass with my shoes off. The breeze is blowing off the water and I can smell the salt. My headset is keeping my thoughts clear and peaceful.

As I watch the boats putter around the sound, my friends splash in the water and sprawl in the sun.

There are times it hits me like a ton of bricks how less than exceedingly grateful I can be for the outrageous production of frolicking and playfulness that is my life. Simply acknowledging how richly I've been blessed seems trivially insufficient at times like these.

27 June 2008

Furniture Shopping

Taking advantage of the weather and it being Friday afternoon, I went with my friend for a walking adventure downtown.

The goal was furniture. We failed.

It was due in no small part to his loathing of stores and shopping. Basically, it was one store, one desk, and peace out.

My friends are amazing. Now I get a great walk back across town on the waterfront. Gorgeous day, lovely sun.


25 June 2008

Young Dubliners

Heading out to ballard with my friends to see The Young Dubliners at The Tractor.

We are definitely having summer here in the Emerald City and the evenings are just spectacular.

As we drive across the bridge I'm reminded of days past and other events. I haven't been seeing very many shows but with new living arrangements, I'm working on getting out more.

Now if I could just get Josh to ask this waitress out tonight.

23 June 2008

Solstice Festival in Fremont

This weekend I had the great pleasure of catching the Solstice parade in Fremont. True to form it was chaos and mayhem in spectacular glory.

My favorite float in the parade was the monkeys jumping on the bed. What a riot!

It was really invigorating to be able to see people just out having a fun frolick without pretense or pomposity. They just were letting down their guard for one day of festivities.

For example, in this picture, one of my good friends was indulging in her love of two favorite things: underwear and tie-die. What a ludicrously lovely scene.

The weather cooperated, and so did most of the people. If you've never partaken, I highly recommend you pull the pickle from your backside and show up next year. I surely will.

20 June 2008

This is My Mind

What can I say? Thanks to the magic that is The Loft on a Thursday evening, this picture represents the current state of my mind.

Well, I was able to pull it together long enough to kick off the team on a MOSS presentation. This one won't just be fun, it'll be a learning experience. Sharepoint workflows and single sign-on anyone?

Tonight will be a barbeque to unwind and hopefully recreate. If you're in the neighborhood, feel free to drop by. We've got a gourmet chef, top-notch musical talent, and some certified hotties.

So what am I most thankful for right now? Taking everyone on a great ride last night and knowing we're all still on it.

17 June 2008

Treading Water

I've been doing some new types of work lately. It's good to mix it up at work from time to time.

The sad part is how even when I feel I'm doing okay, I quickly realize how much better I should be doing at my respective functions.

The good news is that I generally have the flexibility to change up my priorities as needed. Being able to switch focus and shift tasks around is a huge advantage when it comes to multi-tasking effectively.

For now, I'm taking advantage of a delay before a meeting to update you all on my fascinating life. Yep, even when my feet are up, I can't seem to stop working.

12 June 2008

Doing The Bee

My brother came up to the Northwest to help me move. So I am buying him dinner at Applebee's in return. It's not really a fair trade. But I'm kind of a jerk like that.

Actually he'll probably be drunk before we leave so that's going to make up for it.

30 May 2008

Don't Ignore Me!

Lately my little social circle has been expanding. This is probably a
good thing.

The really interesting thing I've been noticing is how connected we
all are, especially via text and twitter. One thing in particular
stood out about this. And it wasn't just that we'll all be in a group
and half the people won't be talking but instead texting. Really it
became a little disconcerting to me how validating it is to have
someone texting you.

I noticed this at first because of the inverse. It was crushing to me
to text someone and not get a response. Sending my words out in the
ether and getting no response made me feel worse then if I had just
gotten a rejection. I would rather have a random lady reject me in a
bar, than to have a friend ignore my texts. Especially if it is the
first time I've ever texted that person.

At what point did my self-esteem get so wrapped up in the
communication ineptitude of others? I'm supposed to be better than
this and yet a couple of ignored texts almost sent me to the fetal
position in tears hugging a pillow.

Maybe I'm just being emo?

24 May 2008

The New View

After much chaos and ballywho I found a place in Belltown near the office. I'm excited for the new possibilities that hanging around Seattle will bring.

Today is bright and sunny which is hopefully a portent for the summer.

So that you can share my life, I've included the view from my bedroom window. The main room view is even bigger. And the balcony is ridiculous.

Imagine how amazing the fireworks are going to be this year. Make your reservations now!

19 May 2008

Langhorne Slim

Had a chance to catch a show at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard. What a fun and rowdy act!

My friends Jereme, Josh and Kate were all there as well.

14 May 2008

Trivia Night Fun

Tonight was full of new faces and unexpected questions. The biggest thrill (after Jess) was getting to catch up with the amazing Jereme home from law school. His huge brain and even bigger vocabulary are always a treat.

I hope your evening was as good.

Trivia Night Fun

Tonight was full of new faces and unexpected questions. The biggest thrill (after Jess) was getting to catch up with the amazing Jereme home from law school. His huge brain and even bigger vocabulary are always a treat.

I hope your evening was as good.

13 May 2008

Big External

I was in Costco the other day and saw the Western Digital terabyte (TB) external on sale for $230! Are you kidding me?

My 750GB Seagate is humongous in comparison. I need to upgrade but then I just end up with a collection of older, smaller external drives.

Seagate has bee extremely reliable and that is from someone who travels full-time and carries them in a backpack on planes around the country weekly. Not to mention the daily pack-and-go to the office.

Should I stick with tried and true? Or perhaps give the youthful contender a shot?

Any ideas?

06 May 2008

Never Running For President

Out with a friend going to see Rush at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. We're sitting in the third row center.

It has been a crazy day but the caption says it all. No need to be scared of pictures when you are never running for president. Of course after wildness today that was pretty much guaranteed anyway.

It's a great life.

05 May 2008

Ahhh Roomies

Recognize that this picture way just taken (5/5). I saw this note board in my friends kitchen and couldn't stop laughing.

I guess when you share an apartment with a bunch of fresh-out-of-school, amazing-musicians hanging in the L.A scene, this type of tomfoolery is to be expected.

It is one of the subtle reasons I like my life the way it is, as extremely flawed as it may be.

Oh, and go catch the Shaimus show this weekend. They rock!

23 April 2008

Shoulders of Giants

One of the most interesting parts of working in the tech sector is watching even the simple become complicated seemingly overnight.

When it comes to innovation the two general trends are to A) twist the ideas of someone else or B) decide that no one else appreciates the problem space like you and do something very different. Obviously there are other forms these are just the most common IMHO.

The downside of the latter is obvious when pursued by people of limited experience who don't seek first to understand.

The downside of the former is how frequently great ideas become useless and perverted once the followers try and "improve" what was a great idea, just so they can claim contribution.

The upsides are significant and common as well but make for much less interesting conversation.