23 April 2008

Shoulders of Giants

One of the most interesting parts of working in the tech sector is watching even the simple become complicated seemingly overnight.

When it comes to innovation the two general trends are to A) twist the ideas of someone else or B) decide that no one else appreciates the problem space like you and do something very different. Obviously there are other forms these are just the most common IMHO.

The downside of the latter is obvious when pursued by people of limited experience who don't seek first to understand.

The downside of the former is how frequently great ideas become useless and perverted once the followers try and "improve" what was a great idea, just so they can claim contribution.

The upsides are significant and common as well but make for much less interesting conversation.

16 April 2008

Beautiful Day to be indoors

The view is gorgeous, I only wish I could be out in it instead of under florescent lights indoor.

Ferries at night are my favorite.

13 April 2008

The Cool Kids

The crew from Bangers and Cash were chilling in the overcast drizzle of Seattle.

Their beats are tight, lyrics ludicrous, and they squander their talent on a couch near Greenlake.

But the roomie is hot. Good thing I'm not a creeper.

10 April 2008

Chilling With Debonair

I had a great opportunity to say what's up to my boy who was playing tonight at The Tractor.

Josh and Scot hanging out is very reminiscent of good days.

06 April 2008

Drew and The Garden Salad

Evidently there is something called the Shampoo Effect. Drew introduced me to it while sippin' her Bloody Mary with built in Garden Salad.

The idea is that much like when you wash your hair and you have a little shampoo left in your hair. It only takes a little bit of water to totally rehydrate and get a whole lather going.

So on the day after, you just need a little drink to bring back the whole thing from the night before.

I need to investigate a little and prove the theory but it sounds good.

05 April 2008

Chilling @ Marcus's

They like beer andI don't. But it's my birthday week so we're not drinking beer. Of course, you can't get them to put down the texting even in a cool environment.

It's how the roll and I love 'em for it.