26 July 2012

Into The Sun

Sometimes there are no words.
Other times, you can listen to Julia Nunes.

Tell me this, why do you run away?
Just when I decided to say something true for once.
You should try it and see what you mean.
Cause I can't read the lines let alone in between.

I'm waking up to see the sun.
It's a light that lets me know a new day's begun.
I can leave behind the tears of my unconscious mind,
To the sunshine.

And I know my mellow tones can be misleading.
But I've just put my anger to good use.
You see I've given up on begging and pleading.
Every scratch on this guitar is because of you.

 -- Into The Sunshine by Julia Nunes

Buy her album "Settle Down" now. Right now. You'll thank me for the rest of your life.

22 July 2012


Last night at El Corazon I got to see Hellogoodbye, a band I've missed for a while. Two great Seattle bands (Man Without Wax and Mansions) opened as well as William Beckett. Not a big crowd, probably because it was Block Party weekend, but that's perfect for me!

15 July 2012


I've been paying some attention to this show Continuum for a little
while now. It has excellent production values (thank you Canada) and
the cinematography is too-notch. The individual episodes are a little
trite, but the character development, the story arch, and commentary
it provides are very, very good.

Plus the lead is pretty hot and believable as a badass. The tech they
showcase is usually pretty slick even if they have to bend the rules
from time to time for plot points, the basics are solid.

This is a show my dad would love if he could get Canadian television.

31 May 2012

That Happened

The Rocket Summer opened their latest tour for their new album, here in Seattle where you can find the best audiences.

An amazing talent; there is something about seeing one make a dance hit using 5 different instruments looping by HIMSELF. Totally baller.

I've been a long time fan and feeling how the crowd responds to such a great showman who is pouring himself into the music so completely is ample reward and vindication.

Well done.

28 April 2012

...Which Leads To Saturday

Eyes wide open. I'm paying the "awake at 6am, coming down" price for
having caffeine. I said I wouldn't do that again. But obviously I hate
this feeling less than thinking about her. Or all those great ideas I
don't pursue. Or the half-completed projects I do. Or my general
health and well-being. Oh, let's be honest, it's mostly her. And them.
And all the lack of me.

The soundtrack from the night replays inside my ears and silently I
smile. It is both funny and perverse that the only way I've found to
Stop is to Go. The only way to make the endless madness cease is to
immerse myself in ideas, submerse myself in service. I wrap myself up
in work and drown myself dancing.

If I just get enough forward momentum for something else, anything
else, maybe I can leave the rest behind. Maybe if I figure out how to
Move Forward, I can finally Move On?

I really want to Stop. And so I Go.

I must still be broken.

27 April 2012

My Friday

This was my Friday night. How was yours?

If you aren't spending it doing something you love, you wasted a chance. You only get so many, so make each one count.

10 April 2012


And just when I relearn how to breathe you in
Well you light light me up like kerosene

- Recovery

17 March 2012

The Reason I Dance

After many years,I finally got a chance to dance to the group that moved me to listen to electronica in the first place.

These guys are the reason I dance at all.

And they were so worth it.

27 February 2012

Every Avenue and Co

The first band I caught was The Audition from Chicago. They were fun but could use that polish that comes from more road time with more audiences.

Plug-in Stereo was not what I expected and they were a little too mellow for this rowdy crowd. And not many people knew the words so the singing was shy. Instead everyone just clapped a lot to work off the energy.

The lead singer for We Are The In Crowd was wearing a shirt for The Maine. Which of course made her 10x hotter and by extension, the band 5x better.

Every Avenue was struggling a bit vocally, and an unusually reserved crowd didn't help. I blame it on a Monday night time slot with a mixed bag of bands.

Still, it's always good to see a show in a cool venue with fun people.

22 February 2012

Some Cities

I got to see Downtown Fiction, We The Kings, and Mayday Parade run an audio train of deliciousness on El Corazon.

When artists say on stage that Seattle audiences are the best, loudest and most fun, it's shows like this they are referring to. The fans in this town are the best anywhere.

Even though the drummer was out with a broken arm, the percussion-less set by We The Kings just rocked my freaking socks off.

I'm a lucky boy to call this town home.

16 February 2012

Much Needed

There are few things in life more meaningful and rewarding than being able to spend a night with your best friend seeing a show at the best venue in the country.

I'm a lucky boy.