27 July 2009

Flying on Tatsu

My buddy @dsummer and I took a day to check out the new crazy coasters
at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

The service at this park is horrific. It I'd quite clear they are
sorely understaffed and cutting corners.

That said, the coasters are quite fun and unique. If it wasn't for the
horrendous experience just getting on and off each ride, the coolness
and thrills for each ride would have outshone many other parks.

The Deja Vu and Terminator both gave amazing and fresh perspective on
roller coasters. We'll see if X2 performs to the hype we've gotten so

24 July 2009

Mi Vida Loca

Alaska Airlines is the best carrier in the world. And boy am I
enjoying the benefits of their great service this summer.

I've been out and about quite a bit and will cap my summer with a trip
overseas in a few weeks.

Right now I'm bouncing up and down the coast visiting friends and
associated hob-knobbing.

The photo on this entry was the yummy breakfast on flight into LAX.
For a picky eater like myself the fresh fruit (including blueberries!
Firm and juicy!) and turkey sausage were a real treat.

The good thing about all this activity is I've had time to polish some
posts. So if you follow my other topic areas, you'll find some new
writing soon. And I might include a real intimate personal piece just
for HH.

17 July 2009

John Michael Montgomery

The Snoqualmie Casino is a great venue for seeing artists up close.

Tonights show was really intimate and casual. He played lots of old
favorites which for someone with so many hits wasn't particularly hard.

My personal favorite Life's A Dance was early in the set and the whole
crowd sang along.

To make the evening better, I ran into the Wahl's and got to say
hello. I've missed them terribly so seeing them having fun was just a
real treat.

I'm definitely looking forward to coming back to enjoy this place in
the future.

06 July 2009

What A Weekend

Summer is great for packing your days to overflowing. This weekend was
no exception.

The sunshine baked into my skin every day and all the people watching
and socializing nourished my soul.

Saturday was a zoo day with a chance to sample some brews at the
Seattle International Beer Festival and some inspiring fireworks.

I got the chance to spend some quality time with good friends and make
some new ones. They taught me about gin and tequila which just proves
I can learn something every day. Even when relaxing on the grass.

To close out a Sunday that was supposed to be lazy, I got to catch a
set by Boys Like Girls at El Corazon. It's such a great small venue
for such a fun band with great stage presence. I've seen them on
bigger stages and in comparison they just exploded being so close to
the fans.

If I get the chance perhaps I'll post some of this weekends writings.
For now, I'm heading to visit from friends in Burbank. If I'm lucky
I'll get a chance to see @puarick, @shooman, and @dsummer.