22 September 2009

The Proclaimers

After dancing like crazy to Flogging Molly at Marymoor, we are
continuing our tour of non-US bands with The Proclaimers at the ShowBox.

The surprise tonight was a band I'd never heard called Handful of
Luvin' that is from Seattle. They had a really unique sound with
clearly Irish influences melded with reggae and folk. A solid
vocalist and gifted bassist drove their music which was smoothly

The Proclaimers were a treat to see if a bit on the novelty side.

All in all, another great night courtesy of the ShowBox and my friends
at TicketMaster.


19 September 2009

Feeling Wicked

There are some things in life you never get tired of experiencing,
like ice cream, swimming, or the musical Wicked.

I've seen it in 4 cities almost a dozen times and I was just as
excited for tonights performance as for any previous. It's simply that

Refreshingly the audience tonight dressed up a little more than
Seattle audiences have been known to do. It always distresses me when
this city can't seem to appreciate the culture to which they have such

If you have an opportunity, make the time. It will change your life.
Or at least give you a new found love of musicals.

12 September 2009

Keith Urban and Little Big Town

Tonight the Dome was rockin' and reeling. One thing for sure, Keith
works hard for his show.

A few times he seemed a little hoarse but that boy can play some
serious strings, I tell you!

The light show was very well done and everyone took advantage of loose
security to stand up close in the aisles.

If you don't get to see many shows, his is worth your time.

11 September 2009

Jason Aldean & The Rodeo

Tonight the weather was perfect for an outdoor show. I ran into some
good friends volunteering at the Puyallup Fair.

After a thorough education in the ways of professional rodeo, I got to
stand up close in the dirt to watch the country folks rock out to Big
Green Tractor.

Good thing I got some strawberry shortcake so I'd have energy to
boogie alongside 'em.

Even though it was packed, it was a fun experience and he puts on a
fun show.

10 September 2009

Blink-182, Weezer, and Taking Back Sunday

Tonight down south I got to watch some of my favorite music performed

The weather cooperated for a glorious afternoon which was kicked off
by Taking Back Sunday. I've never seen them live and it was
interesting to see those harmonies performed.

Weezer put on a great show. I've seen them before and this was a solid
set that did justice to their talent.

Seeing Blink-182 was something I didn't think I'd ever be able to do
and it was a really big deal for me. They did not disappoint in the
least. They played all the old hits and sprinkled in a bunch of new

The experience was all-around exhilarating and inspiring. If you don't
catch a stop on this tour, you're really missing out.

As for me, I rest easy knowing I've crossed a big item off my list.

05 September 2009

The Morning After

Last night was the Full Moon Party but there was no moon. That didn't
stop the revelers though.

The boys dropped at various times and I outlasted all of them in the
race to sunrise. When finally those gorgeous rays of sunshine hit the
beach I was exhausted and ready to crash.

Still awash in body paint and fading memories from last night, we swap
stories and down grub to restore some normalcy.

It really is one of the best parties in the world. And Thai food for
the next day? Yummy.

03 September 2009

The View from Haad Rin

Finally settled on Koh Panghan with the essentials acquired for the
next couple of days.

Part of the gang went touring on scooters, preferred to enjoy the sun
on the beach for a few hours. Now I'm going to nap in the hammock and
watch the sun go down so I'll be energized for tonights craziness.

Wish you were here.

01 September 2009

To Change Your Attitude, Change Your Altitude

It's been a wonderful couple of days on the islands. Yesterday we
pulled a coup for a private boat by asking for a random time to leave.
Nobody joined and the six of us had our own private snorkeling
expedition around the islands.

@triceratopshead and @coolmarie knew all about the different fish we
saw. We also got to check out Maya Beach which is famous for being
where they shot the movie The Beach. It was really spectacular.

Today we've had rain on and off but still managed to climb to the
viewpoint to look out at all the islands.

Tomorrow we head to Koh Phangan in a marathon travel day.

Wish me luck!