26 November 2009

Fun In Is Relative

It has been way too long since I've been home to see the family.
Thanksgiving seemed as good a time as any.

Most of the family came, even the ones I like. We had lots of food,
tons of laughs and only a few slap fights.

This years movie choice is the Fantastic Mr. Fox. Perfect for the
little ones.

Since I've got a gaggle of babies crying for my attention, I'm cutting
this post short.

Happy Thanksgiving!

24 November 2009

My Life Would Suck Without You

Thanks to poor marketing and a lousy economy I scored some last minute
tickets to see Kelly Clarkson at WaMu Theatre.

The venue has all the previously mentioned shortcomings still in full
effect, but it was fun nonetheless.

Pop music is always a good remedy for too much work, and Kelly is no

15 November 2009

Hey Monday!

The ShowBox at the Market got rocker last night. Hard.

It was a really fun line-up of bands that seemed to gel smoothly to
create a mosh-fest that was much appreciated. The booker for ShowBox
needs a bonus for this one.

First up were the Friday Night Boys who got everyone moving and
jumping and generally in the spirit.

Afterwards, the band I was most excited for, Hey Monday came out and I
had to wade into the pit for dancing and mayhem. They delivered a
solid set of anthems, lively stage presence and all-around an
excellent show.

In my mind it was the next band, We The Kings, that stole the show.
Even over All Time Low who headlined. Don't get me wrong I'm an ATL
fan, but the marked improvement I've noticed over the last time I saw
WTK blew my mind!

A special treat in the middle was a cover of Jimmy Eat World, The
Middle. I couldn't stop jumping and pumping my fist. Along with 1000
of my closest mosh-friends.

On a seperate note, the crew of the Box and the various bands were
really on it last night in a big way. They set everything up and tore
it down with smooth and seamless precision that was Swiss-watch
worthy. Hats off to them!

I'll get some pictures up when I can, but if you have a chance to see
them (hint, hint, Jingle Bell Bash) do the needful to be there because
they are worth it.

And since I'll be in India, first confirmed request will get my two
tickets to JBB on the 19th. It's good to have friends in the business.

13 November 2009

Take It Away

Even when the crowd in Seattle is dark and attempting to be
alternative, they're still fragile and almost cute.

Tonight at the ShowBox SoDo I got to see The Almost and The Used do
their respective things. It was mostly unremarkable.

The hilight was being in the John while some kid was dragged out of a
stall and arrested for dealing. Which should tell you about the
quality of musical performances.

It was actually refreshing to hear The Almost announce that they were
Christian and invite others to accept Him. Not what you'd expect in
between two other bands who encouraged the crowd to shout the F word.

So chalk that one up to experience and rounding out my musical open-

08 November 2009

Shaimus @ Nectar

After an extended absence Seattle finally was blessed with an
appearance from the boys of Shaimus at Nectar.

They pulled a great crowd, doubling up as an MI reunion. I'd be lying
if I said seeing the old gang didn't leave me nostalgic.

The performance of Left To Dry was a favorite of mine. Glad I got the
chance to bask with them for a season.

02 November 2009

Vacation Tip #42

When you travel, arrange to lodge with a cool gal who is staying in an
all-inclusive resort. It makes buying drink rounds a lot easier and
cuts your travel budget immensely.

01 November 2009

Halloween in Puerto Vallarta

Headed to Mexico to help some friends celebrate their nuptials. We're
staying at an excellent resort that's perfect for the size of this
party. It's low season so not many tourists but plenty of locals.

Yesterday we took a boat tour and did some snorkelling and zip-lines.
I wasn't a fan of the ropes course, but loved zipping around on the
lines. And all this time amongst the locals is really helping my

We went out last night and had dinner at a distillery that overlooked
the main strip. Everywhere were people in costumes begging candy from
shopkeepers and cars cruising. They closed the road and there was a
candy parade with thousands of people mobbing the buses and trucks
throwing out goodies.

The food and the tequila was amazing but the balcony view for the
festivities was outstanding.

We decided to take the day off and chill by the pool. Tomorrow is the
wedding and then we have some ATVing and stuff. It's good to go with a
big group for the activities.

I'll let you know if we get around to parasailing.