01 November 2009

Halloween in Puerto Vallarta

Headed to Mexico to help some friends celebrate their nuptials. We're
staying at an excellent resort that's perfect for the size of this
party. It's low season so not many tourists but plenty of locals.

Yesterday we took a boat tour and did some snorkelling and zip-lines.
I wasn't a fan of the ropes course, but loved zipping around on the
lines. And all this time amongst the locals is really helping my

We went out last night and had dinner at a distillery that overlooked
the main strip. Everywhere were people in costumes begging candy from
shopkeepers and cars cruising. They closed the road and there was a
candy parade with thousands of people mobbing the buses and trucks
throwing out goodies.

The food and the tequila was amazing but the balcony view for the
festivities was outstanding.

We decided to take the day off and chill by the pool. Tomorrow is the
wedding and then we have some ATVing and stuff. It's good to go with a
big group for the activities.

I'll let you know if we get around to parasailing.

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