28 February 2007

Snow Patrol

The say that you need one day for every hour of time zone difference to recover from jet lag. That must be it, because I am still dragging. Of course, that fact that I've been working, even through my day off, probably has something to do with that as well.

This weekend was very much needed. I got to spend some quality time with my babies. That always cures whatever else is going on. They are so pickin' cute and adorable. And there is no quicker way to get your head out of your own garbage then to spend time loving on someone else. Especially when they are great as my babies.

I did get a chance to take in the Snow Patrol concert with a new friend which was a neat adventure and lots of fun. They played all the songs I love and did a 4 song encore which I thought was pretty cool. During the show they asked a girl from the audience to come up on stage and sing with them which was unique. They have great showmanship and I'd highly recommend you see them in concert.

Despite forward progress at work, this continues to be a stressful and hectic year, especially when it comes to travel. I'd appreciate your well wishes...

15 February 2007

Punjabi Music

This past week has just flown by. I've been working hard and there is lots to do. During the frenzy I did get a chance to listen to some cool Punjabi dance mixes. Which are not to be confused with Hindi mixes.

I have tremendous respect for people who will just up and dance at the drop of a hat. Can't we all just dance together?

11 February 2007

Work and Sleep

The time difference you get used to in your head and in your sleeping schedule. But the separation in time from your friends and family can put a little strain on things.

This week, I was really productive at work, but couldn't seem to connect with anyone from back home. It is like once you are out of sight, you are out of mind. This is something I am usually okay with, but for some reason it hit me more than usual this weekend.

I've been looking ahead at my travel schedule and there is evidently no rest for the wicked. Schedule is booking up quickly. My only regret is there is no personal time on the books any time soon. For now, I'll just have to make time with the dailies.

You'd think I would be finding more time to blog, but alas. I think it is because when I have a long or hard day it's spent thinking and planning. At the end of one, I don't have the cerebral power to crank out any prose. Maybe I can adjust my schedule to prioritize better...

In any case, I'm missing my pop culture a little bit. That's the downside of being plugged in and then not.

05 February 2007

Almost Mediocre Again

These last couple days have been kind of a blur. Too much work, random sleep schedule, cold shivers, sweaty fevers, all around physical grossness, it was just a little much. Not entirely, but partially, I am out of the woods.

Now that I can think more or less with lucidity I will resume my less than stellar ramblings.

Thanks for the support (and the Cipro). ;-)