30 July 2008

Cute Is What We Aim For

Tonight I went to see these chaps play the Chop Suey. I didn't even
realize that one of the openers was Ace Ender who started The Early
November, another band I enjoyed.

Ace Ender did a fantastic job pulling I'm the crowd. It's remarkable
how many concerts I go to that are like that!

Needless to see I enjoyed the dancing and moving even in the
ridiculously hot venue.

The crowd was good, and the show was awesome. I would totally see them

27 July 2008

Starbucks Again?

I know that the Manhattan Beach Starbucks is the place to be, but
every frickin' day is a little much.

Once again I settle for the lemonade.

We've got a spot at the Craperie for 8 in 30 minutes. Yummy!

Party at Dane's

This is what happens with Cam, Kevin, and Jake hanging at Dane's pad.

They got rowdy, broke Dane's furniture and downed all his alcohol.

We managed to snap a whole ton of photos showing the amazing time we
had tonight.

Excited for bed. More excited for brunch and to see Lolly tomorrow.

25 July 2008

Doing the Shaimus show

Hanging out in Hermosa Beach with a good contingent of the LA crew.

Shaimus is opening for Scot Fisher at Cafe Boogaloo.

The crowd us rowdy, the drinks are flowing and Cam's mom and aunt are
in the house!

I just had the pleasure of meeting Janis tonight who is a friend of a
friend. She drives a Vespa and is really fun.

Since I'm the DD I get the distinct pleasure of watching the drinkers

Kevin also came tonight. I'm a big fan. He's heading back to the east
coast soon but we're expecting him back. We need him back. Come back

Claire and co got us a prime table because we are with the band. We're
chatting it up as the music plays.

Wishing you were here!

21 July 2008

Good Charlotte

With my cousins watching a great rock show!

First up was The Maine, followed by Metro Station and Good Charlotte.

We're taking a break before Boys Like Girls rock the house.

Aren't you jealous?

17 July 2008

Waiting for The Dark Knight

My buddy Danny got us the sweet hookup for the world premiere of
Batman at the Cinerama.

Now I find myself waiting in line with a motley assortment of
characters and hobos.

What exactly does that say about me? Who cares?! I'm seeing Dark
Knight before everyone else on one of the best theaters in the country!

Danny, you rock!

The APLN Summit

Listening to the opening keynote at The Agile Project Leadership
Network Summit in Seattle.

Lots of rehashed content. Really hoping it isn't a precursor of the

Good conversations with attendees though, which is the point.

15 July 2008

Quotes from an Evening

This evening I had the rare treat of visiting with the families of
some long time friends. The weather was divine, the meal was
succulent, and the company was unparalleled. There were great
childhood stories and secrets revealed, jokes and laughters galore,
and new friendships forged.

One upside of attendance by such interestingly diverse and inspiring
individuals is the ease with which great quotes come forth. A
sampling is included below for your enjoyment.

- I just want to own a monkey.
- Having a mullet means you are either a redneck or European.
- If you want to judge the fudge, go with the pudge.

When it comes right down to it, I'm just blessed beyond all belief and
I most humbly thank my Creator for I am fearfully and wonderfully

After dinner we made s'mores. Yummy! After s'mores we went to
celebrate with Ellen for her 21st birthday at the Irish Emigrant in
the University District. The bartender was really fun and the karaoke
was a blast. Of course watching Danny string things up with the Statue
of Liberty was quite the treat too.

On the way home, I listened to Kate Rusby and Joshua Radin as I drove
the bridge and enjoyed the moon shadows on the water. How much
goodness is one selfish sinner alloted? Evidently there are no bounds
to grace because I received a full measure of merriment many times
over this day. Now to sleep perchance to dream...

11 July 2008

Say What You Want To Say

As I wandered the streets today performing some domestic errands and ignoring the constant interruption of twitter posts about people getting iPhones I had ample time for some self reflection.

Specifically about my lifestyle choices. The most common implied criticism I face almost daily is about choosing to work a job that doesn't match my "qualifications". As if somehow taking a position that makes me happy and doesn't require that I over exert myself is offensive othose people who unfortunately have made themselves slaves to one particular grindstone or another.

How many movies are there where the wise old coot tells the ambitious youngster to just do whatever makes him happy? Haven't we all heard the story of the businessman and the Mexican fisherman?

In the end, I had to just internally give people permission to say whatever they're going to say and just file it into the bit bucket. After all, they will anyway, best to just embrace it.

So now it's back to a job I enjoy that might well be beneath me. I'm happy to let others take advantage as long as I can continue to enjoy the kind of lifestyle to which I've become accustomed.

You guys get out there and grab the bull by the horns. I'm happy to be a spectator shouting Ole!

07 July 2008

Lasagna and A Sunset

With my friends out and about, I had time to be a little domestic tonight. It felt good to spend time just puttering around the kitchen and getting my hands dirty.

As the dishes cooled I took some reading out on the deck to watch the sun going down.

It's been quite some time since I've been able to devote energy into solid blog posts. With the sunsets and the water and the quietness, I probably will continue slacking.