11 July 2008

Say What You Want To Say

As I wandered the streets today performing some domestic errands and ignoring the constant interruption of twitter posts about people getting iPhones I had ample time for some self reflection.

Specifically about my lifestyle choices. The most common implied criticism I face almost daily is about choosing to work a job that doesn't match my "qualifications". As if somehow taking a position that makes me happy and doesn't require that I over exert myself is offensive othose people who unfortunately have made themselves slaves to one particular grindstone or another.

How many movies are there where the wise old coot tells the ambitious youngster to just do whatever makes him happy? Haven't we all heard the story of the businessman and the Mexican fisherman?

In the end, I had to just internally give people permission to say whatever they're going to say and just file it into the bit bucket. After all, they will anyway, best to just embrace it.

So now it's back to a job I enjoy that might well be beneath me. I'm happy to let others take advantage as long as I can continue to enjoy the kind of lifestyle to which I've become accustomed.

You guys get out there and grab the bull by the horns. I'm happy to be a spectator shouting Ole!

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