15 July 2008

Quotes from an Evening

This evening I had the rare treat of visiting with the families of
some long time friends. The weather was divine, the meal was
succulent, and the company was unparalleled. There were great
childhood stories and secrets revealed, jokes and laughters galore,
and new friendships forged.

One upside of attendance by such interestingly diverse and inspiring
individuals is the ease with which great quotes come forth. A
sampling is included below for your enjoyment.

- I just want to own a monkey.
- Having a mullet means you are either a redneck or European.
- If you want to judge the fudge, go with the pudge.

When it comes right down to it, I'm just blessed beyond all belief and
I most humbly thank my Creator for I am fearfully and wonderfully

After dinner we made s'mores. Yummy! After s'mores we went to
celebrate with Ellen for her 21st birthday at the Irish Emigrant in
the University District. The bartender was really fun and the karaoke
was a blast. Of course watching Danny string things up with the Statue
of Liberty was quite the treat too.

On the way home, I listened to Kate Rusby and Joshua Radin as I drove
the bridge and enjoyed the moon shadows on the water. How much
goodness is one selfish sinner alloted? Evidently there are no bounds
to grace because I received a full measure of merriment many times
over this day. Now to sleep perchance to dream...

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