16 September 2013


It makes me chuckle when people talk about "the meeting of my career', or this will launch ''my career'. Or really anything career related. Personally, I've had like 4 and they are nothing to write home about. I'd rather have an amazing relationship or mind-blowing sex, or even a fun-to-drive car more than a stellar career.

But what do I know?

01 August 2013

Google Cloud Print

I'm going to tell it to your straight, Google Cloud Print is the coolest little enhancement to my life since Google Remote Desktop.  Those geeks keep making my life better and by extension have me firmly lip-locked on the Google teat.

As if I wasn't already becoming unbearably dependent on Chrome and all manner of amazing Chrome extensions. Now they've further entrenched themselves in my loyalty with this little charm.  If you aren't using taking advantage of all the glorious goodness that comes with these Chrome eccentricities, then you my friend, are living only part of a life.

07 June 2013


I'm kicking myself for not having started this sooner. It's only 3 weeks in but the change is quite remarkable. Obviously for an unformed lump of clay such as myself with no discernible grace or flexibility any repetitious activity is bound to show some form of improvement. But seriously, I'm loving it.

There are times when I prefer to be anti-social. And anytime I am exerting myself in conquest is going to fall into that category. I despise the little "who has something good to share" portion and pretty much every social aspect of attending sessions in a studio. But I truly deeply understand the need for good instruction and I am exceedingly blessed to have found myself with several who are gifted and patient with one such as I.

Even though it has been a short while, I am beginning to notice the differences in styles and how I respond to each. I enjoy the various flows immensely once I've had sufficient time to master the individual poses and transitions. Having time to hold and adjust and feel is very nice while I am learning. But when then I get a rush when I can move through them more quickly and push myself to demonstrate some smoothness or agility. This concept being laughable to many who know me I suppose.

In any case, it brings me much contentment to find myself with such a long way to go before I begin to look less silly doing something that I would very much like to do better.

In the landscape of life, there are some mountains (like solution architecture) on which I sit at the peak and other mountains (say strategy or entrepreneurship) which I traverse constantly, become adept helping others in their climb. There are a great many other mountains I have attempted and stalled mid-climb (say writing or graphic design), and some few I simply looked up at and shook my head before walking away (say art or music) knowing it was not to be. This particular mountain represents a new challenge and one I may never ascend very far. But at this moment, I cannot see a time in which I will cease in my attempts to climb. It is simply too invigorating and the view from higher up seems very much worth it.

05 June 2013

I'm Supposed To Be Sleeping

But it turns out that Shakespeare in Love is on TV.

Love like there has never been in a play. Unbiddable, ungovernable, like a riot in the heart and nothing to be done come ruin or rapture.


22 March 2013


Just heard the most excellent summary of these shenanigans I call my life.
"This is not going to end well, but the middle part is going to be awesome."
- Nick from New Girl
Yes, I'm a cliche. But for someone whose life is basically a vacation from real, what do you expect?

03 March 2013


Some lyrics you never forget.
"Home is where I gotta go. Will I ever know how to get there? Maybe."
-Man Overboard
When you hear them the first time, the moment is seared forever behind your eyes. When you hear them again, the emotions fill you from within just as powerful as the first time. Like ecstasy only better.

20 February 2013

Pretty Much Sums It Up

Yeah, there's sun coming out.

Yeah, I'm down.

Yeah, this week is crazy.

Yeah, things are looking up.

-- All quotes from the last 4 hours. Is English weird or what?