28 March 2007

They're Coming

This past week, I flew in from India and have been wicked busy preparing for a short vacation with my babies. Finally, the day arrives.

My little ones fly in today and we're going to visit the theme parks and the beaches and just go crazy! This is so what I needed.

So for the next couple days I'm out of pocket, but I polished a couple new entries up for later.

I hope your spring break is as fun as mine is going to be!

24 March 2007

Time Whose Ideas Have Come

This past couple weeks on the road in India have been remarkably productive. Not just in terms of raw accomplishments but in terms of setting up capability for future accomplishment. Sometimes I think we forget that often it is only investments you can make today, not concrete accomplishments.
A good question is never answered. It is not a bolt to be tightened into place but a seed to be planted and to bear more seed toward the hope of greening the landscape of idea.
--- John Ciardi
I find myself facing this dilemma repeatedly in almost every aspect of my life. Conversations about work/life balance and relationships inevitably turn to my own inability to invest in myself as well as should. Which is ridiculous against the stark contrast of the overwhelming volume of advice and encouragement that I give to others. Virtually every encouragement, every response, every nudge I give to others is rooted in that basic concept: invest in yourself first. And yet, I fail, and fail spectacularly.

One would think in all my study and thinking, in my continual pursuit of perfection around me, at some point I would work on the lack of perfection inside me. Of course, could I cure that cancer would I take away the laziness that so motivates and inspires much of my creativity? Who is to say. It is purely part of my pathetic reason and excuses nothing.

Perhaps some day, in some way, I will find the means to force the change even in my own deliberation.

Don't hold your breath.

17 March 2007

You Kissed Back

House just keeps getting better and better. They manage to take the depths we sink to and make them real and tangible.

Cameron comes in gives him a letter of recommendation to sign, which he does without reading but with proper vhim. Then when he asks her if she really wants to leave, she doesn't say anything, she just slowly approaches and kisses him.

It is passionate and amazing. My heart stopped for just a moment. But as all fantasies do, this one ends poorly. She was really trying to stick him with a needle to sample his blood, and the kiss was just a cover. Naturally, House isn't fazed, but Cameron is definitely taken back. Not for being caught but because...
Cameron: You kissed back.
House: I didn't want you to die without knowing the feeling.
Actually no woman should die without knowing the feeling.
Such an amazingly realistic exchange laid bare and exposed like that. It was so palpable you could cut it like butter.

Whoever writes this show has my unflagging loyalty.

13 March 2007


Wow. You would think by now I'd have grown immune to the 17 hour flights overseas. Nope. They still knock me over.

This weekend before I flew out I got a chance to see the new movie: 300.

Surpassingly tremendous. Utterly fantastic. Incredibly amazing.

This movie is everything you want in a great story and more than you can ask for from a great movie. There are evil villains, larger than life characters, men of iron character, and women of fierce resolve. The dialog is spectacular in places and over the top in others. The production quality is simply phenomenal. The soundtrack leaves you pumped, breathless, and awestruck.

The story, while told superbly, leaves you amazed to consider those on which the story is based. Sure they take license in the telling, but the events at the heart are no less moving, inspiring, powerful.

In the course of a few hours my whole standard for movie excellence was unmended and unmade. If you haven't seen it...go now.

04 March 2007


This past week was rough. Saturday was tough. But Sunday, blessed Sunday...

I got to catch up on something I've been putting off far to long. Along the way I was able to learn some new things that will prove very handy in the future.

There was sleeping in, and lazing around, and more than a little light reading. But the best part was the beach. Watching the sun come from out of the clouds to dip into the water all ablaze was definitely the highlight.

Why don't I make time for this more often? Is it that I need companionship to venture out of doors? Surely not, I am a grown boy now. Perhaps I'm just too focused on my work? Please tell me it isn't so.

By now I have learned to steal time as time allows. Even if I do a poorly job of it. A good friend inspired this adventure today; maybe that was all I needed. To be reminded that friends fill you up way more than they take away.

Next time I leave my shoes at home...