04 March 2007


This past week was rough. Saturday was tough. But Sunday, blessed Sunday...

I got to catch up on something I've been putting off far to long. Along the way I was able to learn some new things that will prove very handy in the future.

There was sleeping in, and lazing around, and more than a little light reading. But the best part was the beach. Watching the sun come from out of the clouds to dip into the water all ablaze was definitely the highlight.

Why don't I make time for this more often? Is it that I need companionship to venture out of doors? Surely not, I am a grown boy now. Perhaps I'm just too focused on my work? Please tell me it isn't so.

By now I have learned to steal time as time allows. Even if I do a poorly job of it. A good friend inspired this adventure today; maybe that was all I needed. To be reminded that friends fill you up way more than they take away.

Next time I leave my shoes at home...

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