17 March 2007

You Kissed Back

House just keeps getting better and better. They manage to take the depths we sink to and make them real and tangible.

Cameron comes in gives him a letter of recommendation to sign, which he does without reading but with proper vhim. Then when he asks her if she really wants to leave, she doesn't say anything, she just slowly approaches and kisses him.

It is passionate and amazing. My heart stopped for just a moment. But as all fantasies do, this one ends poorly. She was really trying to stick him with a needle to sample his blood, and the kiss was just a cover. Naturally, House isn't fazed, but Cameron is definitely taken back. Not for being caught but because...
Cameron: You kissed back.
House: I didn't want you to die without knowing the feeling.
Actually no woman should die without knowing the feeling.
Such an amazingly realistic exchange laid bare and exposed like that. It was so palpable you could cut it like butter.

Whoever writes this show has my unflagging loyalty.

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