13 March 2007


Wow. You would think by now I'd have grown immune to the 17 hour flights overseas. Nope. They still knock me over.

This weekend before I flew out I got a chance to see the new movie: 300.

Surpassingly tremendous. Utterly fantastic. Incredibly amazing.

This movie is everything you want in a great story and more than you can ask for from a great movie. There are evil villains, larger than life characters, men of iron character, and women of fierce resolve. The dialog is spectacular in places and over the top in others. The production quality is simply phenomenal. The soundtrack leaves you pumped, breathless, and awestruck.

The story, while told superbly, leaves you amazed to consider those on which the story is based. Sure they take license in the telling, but the events at the heart are no less moving, inspiring, powerful.

In the course of a few hours my whole standard for movie excellence was unmended and unmade. If you haven't seen it...go now.

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me said...

loved the line, 'there is no reason we can't be civil...'