30 September 2006

Birthdays Run Amuck

This weekend, I'm helping multiple friends celebrate birthdays.

Which of course, makes one reflect on the age of oneself and all that one has accomplished, or not.

Do you ever have to consciously remind yourself not to compare yourself with those around you? Surely I am not the only one? I don't think of myself as particularly competitive or anything, but I am definitely very self-reflective.  When I see someone else smoking it reminds me why I don't smoke.  I've never smoked, never will.  When I see someone thinking about their career choices, it reminds me to review my own.

The thing about it is that I sometimes I find myself thinking, what would I do in that situation?  How would I react if I were them?  Why are they making those choices, and if faced with their predicament for better or worse, what woe would I release?

I guess it isn't a comparison per se, more of a twisted empathy and vapid self-loathing.  Then I reaize that I am not in that situation and my choices of yesterday would not lead me to that situation and therefore my reactions in that situation are more or less irrelevant and I should be supportive and encouraging and less self-critical and perhaps just have a drink and relax.

All that from a birthday bash, hmm?

28 September 2006

Happy Path

The whirlwind continues.

If you have a chance check out The Vampire Earth series by E. E. Knight.  I'm thoroughly enjoying it.


Today I had the unusual pleasure of partaking of my lunchtime repast with some associates that I don't always get to spend time with. During the course of the meal the conversation wandered from subject to subject. At the peak of hilarity, Jim announced...
At least we don't work in a fireworks factory.
...which pretty much summed up the conversation with a bow.

I really need to update the survey questions? Any thoughts?

23 September 2006

A Plow-mule for Mumbai

Time was ticking away and I was being a team player.  Never one to gloat I had thoroughly resisted temptation to wave "I told you so" as we morosely rearranged the deck chairs on this Titanic of a project I've been assigned.  Months ago when I was first raising the alarm and doing my best to not be ignored by the management team this exact situation was just a speck on the horizon.  Having a keen sense of weather when it comes to technology I was quick express exactly how big this storm would become.  Deaf ears all around, thank you kindly and please take a seat in the back of the bus.

So I smiled politely and toiled away alongside my compatriots all the while knowing there was little to no chance this particular hurricane would just pass us by.  Now we are in the midst of the storm again.  No rest in sight, but somehow they expect it will all work out.  Were I the vindictive sort or one to hold a grudge all hope would sure be lost.  Good thing for them my intentions are honorable and my heart is bigger than my brain sometimes.

As it stands, I must away to India to bring basic skills and common sense in a hopefully not wasted attempt to triage this sickly, near-death patient.  All the while straining my forbearance as I struggle surrounded by fair-weather friends and forked-tongue deceivers who are neither as clever nor as competent as they presume.  Leadership is about partnership and trust, not control and submission; a sad lesson apparently foreign to the forest in which I now find myself foraging.

The work horse is being trotted out again.  If only I were more to look at I might one day aspire to be misused as a show-pony instead of plow-mule.  The only difference would be the perks afforded me as again advantage is taken which I allow.

Doing something proper always feels nice.  And I sleep soundly.

15 September 2006

Feeling Wicked

Finally the day has arrived.  My babies and I are going to attend a performance of Wicked tonight.  We have been looking forward to it for quite some time.


My babies love shows which is a very good thing to my eyes.  It makes them super creative, imaginative and open-minded.  Being able to use the "fun" part of your brain as much as you use your "work" part of the brain is something I see as crucial for development and balance.

Here's hoping you all find a way to get out and be a little Wicked soon.

08 September 2006

A Busy Bee But Not

My apologies for not keeping up my regular postings.  In truth my life is just boring these days.  My babies are back in school, I'm working too long hours, and there's not room for much else.

Fortunately, a little foresight and planning means I will get to take a small break after the weekend to go see something spectacular with my sister.

Image Image

Delirium, by Cirque Du Soleil, is one of the few I haven't seen yet and I can't wait to experience it.

When you are working over yet another weekend, and no real end in sight, you need the little things to keep the balance.  For me, planning well in advance is the only way to pull it all together.  I've had these tickets for more than 3 months.

Oh, for those who don't know, my amazing little brother is moving back home to Arizona!  This is very good news for Arizona.

04 September 2006

The Illusionist

It had been some time since I've been able to hit the theatre and catch a movie.  This weekend, I got a chance to see The Illusionist.

It was an excellently put together film, well executed, with smooth dialogue and solid cinematography.

Edward Norton proves again to me that he is excruciating selective in choosing his roles and adapts them marvelously to his unique sensibility.  Paul Giamatti continues to showcase his remarkable talent in well-suited roles.

While predictable and yet not, your suspension of disbelief is not strained and yet it is an intriguing story that will surely delight you.  This is the type of theater that cinema was meant for.

01 September 2006

You Know You Are Working Too Much...

...when the holiday you forget is Labor Day.

This week was so crazy that I actually forgot about the holiday.  It didn't become an issue until I realized that I have to work most of the weekend and the holiday.

But the good news is...I forget.  I'm sure there is some good news here somewhere...anyone got some?