29 November 2005

A La Carte Television Channels

This tidbit was pointed out by an observant friend of mine. Okay, so maybe observant is a little much, but there is no denying he is literate and reads good paper. ;-)

The FCC is likely going to put some pressure on cable companies to start offering channels as individual choices instead of reserving them for purchase only via bundles.

Check out the details here.

Personally, I think that pay-as-you-go is the only viable option in the future.  But perhaps I'm just moving a little to fast. Not everyone is ready for the future.

28 November 2005

A Note I Got Today

This came in my inbox today from a friend:

I was just feeling rather thankful for you being a gentleman at lunch today - when a door was nearly smashed into my face by a male co-worker oblivious to the fact that I may want to go through the door also... Thank you for being one that hold doors open. My gender highly appreciates it. hmmph.

A little encouragement in always nice, isn't it? The hmmph was an exceptionally nice touch; Methinks you don't hear that often enough.

24 November 2005

Turkey Day

My sisters boyfriend Mark convinced me to partake in the Turkey Trot this morning.  It's an organized fun-run put on by the Arizona Road Racers.  It was actually lots of fun, even if we did have to get up way to pickin' early!

The traditional dinner was at my cousin Julie's house.  Her husband Dave proved to be a most exceptional host. There was much merriment and carousing to be had by all.

You can find three photo collections here: Hope your Turkey Day was as outrageous as mine!

20 November 2005

No More Training Wheels

This weekend was excellent. My babies and I went to see Chicken Little and read books and just had a great time.

The highlight of the weekend was when Caleb finally let me take the training wheels off of his scooter. This is a really big deal! I'll have more pictures later.

For now, check out this new photo of my brothers baby. He looks just like his daddy. ;-)

17 November 2005

Serendipity on the Ferry

Recently, I had the opportunity to ride the Washington State Ferries again, specifically to Bainbridge Island. Aside from a remarkable coincidence where upon I ran into some very cool friends of mine, I noticed the outrageously poor spelling on the signs. There were quite a few examples to choose from, but I actually took a picture of this particular one.
And here is a photo of the most excellent Eric & May & Company. His parents are absolutely adorable!
While I'm showing pictures, here's the astounding view from the deck.

15 November 2005


The first pictures of little Bianca went out today.

Ain't she adorable?

Beautiful Snow

Walking home from work late last night it was snowing in downtown Denver. It was late so there wasn't anyone around. It was peaceful and exquisitely beautiful.

Remember when you were little how excited you got with snow but how depressed you got when it rained? The tactile sense is powerful.

14 November 2005

A new life. A broken heart. And something Yummy.

My little sister had her baby Bianca this weekend. They're doing fine after only an hour of labor! She's so cool.

Sometimes finding out that there are limits to how much you'll invest in a relationship can be like a splash of cold water. It can wake you up, help you feel clean, but in the end, you still got wet.

This weekend I was able to go with some new friends to a small Italian place and eat some really excellent pasta. Then I was able to finish it off with a quick trip for dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. Thanks guys, for an excellent night on the town!

10 November 2005

Little Ones to Him Belong

Considering the self-centeredness of my previous blog entries, I thought I'd continue to thread by bringing to your attention a matter of importance to me. My friend's child is in need of your prayers.You can read specifics here. Since many of my readers are people of faith, I thought it wouldn't be too weird to specifically throw out a request such as this.

I've been on my knees for this little one for some time. Send your love when you can. Make the time, they're worth it.

09 November 2005

Why is the Rum gone?

Finally, I can totally understand the seriousness of this question. Whilst on work business in the great city of Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to visit RumJungle at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. What an exceptional venue!

The food was exquisite. I enjoyed the lavish excellence which was the Rodizio grill and a flight of Pyrat rums. My personal favorite was the XO Reserve, although the Cask 23 wasn't bad either. They went a long way towards making the meal into the sumptuous feast it was. I whole-heartedly and with gusto do enthusiastically recommend this establishment.

The service is attentive, friendly and it helps that more than a few of them are truly fantastic in the looks department. Who doesn't like to order drinks from an outrageously attractive person?! It made the entire experience a little like a fairy-tale.

If you are ever in the vicinity, do check patronize them. And try the Peach Fuzz too, you won't be disappointed, I promise.

07 November 2005

Happy Coincidences

The coolest random event exploded all over me on Sunday afternoon. After days of rain and gunk in Seattle, we were out and about in the clear blue and decided to take a ferry ride. Lo and behold who should we run into but Eric and May, two of most favorite people EVER! And as it turned out I got to meet Eric's dad and tell him what an amazing son he produced.

The ferries are just sooo cool. What a great reminder of the beautiful city! I highly encourage you to take a few moments next time it's clear and jet across the water for a spell. The wind and sun and waves are outrageously relaxing and energizing all at the same time. Try it!