09 November 2005

Why is the Rum gone?

Finally, I can totally understand the seriousness of this question. Whilst on work business in the great city of Las Vegas, I had the opportunity to visit RumJungle at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. What an exceptional venue!

The food was exquisite. I enjoyed the lavish excellence which was the Rodizio grill and a flight of Pyrat rums. My personal favorite was the XO Reserve, although the Cask 23 wasn't bad either. They went a long way towards making the meal into the sumptuous feast it was. I whole-heartedly and with gusto do enthusiastically recommend this establishment.

The service is attentive, friendly and it helps that more than a few of them are truly fantastic in the looks department. Who doesn't like to order drinks from an outrageously attractive person?! It made the entire experience a little like a fairy-tale.

If you are ever in the vicinity, do check patronize them. And try the Peach Fuzz too, you won't be disappointed, I promise.

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