27 June 2009

The Cathedral of St. Paul

Taking a chance to see the sights in the Twin Cities with a good
friend. After tooling around the Mississippi for a while we chance
the views of the many churches in this town.

And have a chance to also watch the university track team running by.
So there are lots of beautiful structures to be humbled by.

24 June 2009


Last year my friend @jraq introduced me to this artist and took me to
see his show at the Paramount. Tonight I got a chance to return the
favor at The Moore.

I took @thatonegirl for some totally bomb empanadas at the Buenos
Aires Grill before the show. When we got to the show K'Naan was in
full swing.

So I got to see a cool new artist and then jam to a recent favorite.

Good times.

21 June 2009


Fathers Day is a rough one for me.

So I went to see a show at the ShowBox for a distraction.

And I forgot that every Wallflowers song sounds pretty much the same.
Now that's been made really clear.

It was a good night anyway.

16 June 2009

Hey Monday, This Providence, Friday Night Boys

One of the best parts of seeing shows at the smaller venues is being
able to hang with the bands in the bar.

Tonight got good and rowdy with @funjessica and a host of fans dancing
along with some solid pop punk music.

The funniest part of the evening is when it was pointed out how much
the bassist looked like @dsummer because of the fluffy hair.

The sets were solid and the dancing was awesome. Check them out if
they come to your neck of the woods.

09 June 2009

Alkaline Trio and Offspring

It's always cool to see the bands you've been listening to all your
life do a righteous set.

After a solid heart to heart with @llpeyer, The Offspring is rocking
my socks off!

They may be old, but they can still bring it!

Rowdy before A Show

In a funny turn of events, @llpeyer couldn't get a drink so we stepped
out to enjoy a frosty beverage.

Let's hope we didn't miss too much of the show. Regardless, I think a
t-shirt is in order tonight.