28 December 2005

Waiting for a flight

Once again I find myself delayed waiting for a flight. The cutest little baby was crawling around gurggling. Okay, so Bianca is cuter.

25 December 2005

24 December 2005

My Nephews

Hanging out with my nephews on Christmas eve. My sister wasn't feeling well so we were getting out of the house. Unfortunately, all the bowling alleys were closed. Merry Christmas everyone!

23 December 2005

Portland is so rainy!

Christmas with the babies was tons of fun. You should see the amazing remote-controlled cars I found. Emma's was a Navigator with an MP3 player built into it! Caleb got an H2 that was serious 4x4. It went fast! The plays were fun too. I'll post more picture later. Right now, check out this gross view I'm stuck with.

19 December 2005

Some New Photos

Just FYI...I finally got around to posting the photos that have been piling up on my hard drive.  Let me know if you want high-quality versions of anything.
You can view and or leave comments at Flickr if you'd like.  If you're a member, add me as friend.

17 December 2005

Beautiful Sunset

Sitting in the Phoenix airport, watching the most amazing sunset. I lead a charmed life...

15 December 2005


How many times have you heard this one: "My friend is in this band..."

But seriously, Shaimus is doing a concert tomorrow night (Dec 16th) in Los Angeles. They have some good music, and it should be a rocking good time. There's more details here.

They're putting out a new album soon, so keep your eye out for it at the end of January.

14 December 2005

Not A Cloud In Sight

I've decided that a new way to organize gifts, giving, occasion reminders and the like is definitely needed. How do you keep track of all the birthdays, holidays, sending this here that there and so on? Doesn't it suck re-typing addresses? When will I have one good storage in the cloud for all my people data and assorted crapola that goes with them.

Of course just storing the data is the easy part, I need the cloud to let me get it back out again. Better yet, integrate it with my favorite stores, sites, and programs. Remind me of important dates and make suggestions. Then just let me click some buttons and take care of the details.

Really, is this too much to ask?

It Just Keeps Coming

My good friend is getting treated poorly at work again. It makes you feel powerless to see others taken advantage of and mistreated.

They say that nice guys finish last, but they don't mention the beatings they take along the way. Sometimes it's like a bumper sticker come-to-life...the beatings will continue until morale improves.

13 December 2005

Gets Funnier Every Time

Check out this summary post on The Superficial about two Playboy models who got arrested trying to proposition two cops who were questioning them about disrupting an airline flight because they were drunk! I'm telling you, we just can't make this stuff up.

07 December 2005

Random Love

While doing some much needed clean-up of my writings, I came across several notes and drafts of entries that overlapped.  This post is an attempt to string them all together into something else entirely.  Being that I am, and forever remain, a hopeless romantic, the subject, of course, is love.

Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

From a sermon...

Love is the process of meeting needs.

From a journal entry...

Love is the process by which you become a child again,
after everything in the world has pushed you towards being an adult.

From a letter...

Life is a process, and such is love.
Growth is always quicker when you can look back on unpleasant experiences.
It is when we overcome our pain that we can better see our lives.
The steps of growth can never be ignored.
It is the way of time that
,some may recover quickly
,some may suffer for a long time
,only time mellows the pain
,it lets you get out of the shadow.
In life I have found that
,those who take a long time to recover from love
,know more about love
,because they have deep feelings about love
,which can destroy their lives
,but also can give them lives.
To recover is a great feat. No one can indulge his own dreams without awakening. For love is the process by which you replace loneliness with anguish and relocate emptiness from your heart into the pit of your stomach.

From a note sent to a friend...

If an authentic love is what you desire then you must love, honor, and cherish yourself as a truly precious and lovable being.

Usually I like my posts to be a little more polished and refined. But sometimes it's better when you can leave more interpretation up to the reader. That would be you.

06 December 2005

He Knows?

This is a shout out to my good friend Mike who wrote an exceptional post today. Actually he writes many good posts. Which if you only know Mike a little might be surprising.  This particular post speaks volumes to how mature and capable he's becoming.

Super kudos to you, Mike!

05 December 2005


As if you needed more proof that you can find anything on the internet, this article from The Register (UK) about a new Liquid Condom is a little unusual. Or maybe unsettling is a better word.  Either way, it kind of freaked me out.

Finals Weekend

Finals are hard. Of course, EE is so much hard than the cheesy majors that kids today settle on. One of my friends was pushing himself too hard and needed a break. So along with his GF and her friend we hit the town for some nice non-academic conversation while we munched some grindage (as Pauly Shore would say...).

Dinner was fun. Thanks for asking. You can find the pictures here.

Here's a shout out to those who have finally succumbed to the call of the blog. Yay.

03 December 2005


Went with some friends to Tradition. You'd have loved it. The lights, the costumes, the festive atmosphere. Here's a collage:

You can find the whole set here.

Happy birthday, lil Sis!