14 December 2005

Not A Cloud In Sight

I've decided that a new way to organize gifts, giving, occasion reminders and the like is definitely needed. How do you keep track of all the birthdays, holidays, sending this here that there and so on? Doesn't it suck re-typing addresses? When will I have one good storage in the cloud for all my people data and assorted crapola that goes with them.

Of course just storing the data is the easy part, I need the cloud to let me get it back out again. Better yet, integrate it with my favorite stores, sites, and programs. Remind me of important dates and make suggestions. Then just let me click some buttons and take care of the details.

Really, is this too much to ask?

1 comment :

Miss Chrissy said...

All i can say is, you better remember my birthday KB... August 30- Vegas or bust baby! Be there or be square. (can't believe I just said that, ha.)