05 March 2015

Losing It

One of the best performers I have ever had the pleasure to witness once said the single most sincere statement I've ever heard spoken to an audience.

"If you wake up and you have enough voice to say 'Good Morning' to the first person you see tomorrow. You did something wrong here at the concert tonight."

You have to sing and scream and let your whole being erupt through your throat with the ferocity only your inner-most being possesses. If you don't let yourself impact the world around you, then you aren't living. If you don't let the world impact you, you're just dying slowly and alone.

So sing. Let your voice roam so free...it gets lost.

15 February 2015

05 December 2014

The Future Of Music

I've been saying for a while that you need to appreciate the difference between new music and the older catalog. Amazon does this pretty well for both music and videos. I expect others to wake up soon and do similar. More or less like this editorial suggests.

25 November 2014

The Numbers Behind The Tour

The indie rock band Pomplamoose wrote a fantastic post dissecting what went into their most recent tour and what it means to be successful working musicians these days.

Insightful, enlightening, and a little terrifying, it is a must read for those who care about live music and the state of the industry.


16 September 2013


It makes me chuckle when people talk about "the meeting of my career', or this will launch ''my career'. Or really anything career related. Personally, I've had like 4 and they are nothing to write home about. I'd rather have an amazing relationship or mind-blowing sex, or even a fun-to-drive car more than a stellar career.

But what do I know?