25 July 2008

Doing the Shaimus show

Hanging out in Hermosa Beach with a good contingent of the LA crew.

Shaimus is opening for Scot Fisher at Cafe Boogaloo.

The crowd us rowdy, the drinks are flowing and Cam's mom and aunt are
in the house!

I just had the pleasure of meeting Janis tonight who is a friend of a
friend. She drives a Vespa and is really fun.

Since I'm the DD I get the distinct pleasure of watching the drinkers

Kevin also came tonight. I'm a big fan. He's heading back to the east
coast soon but we're expecting him back. We need him back. Come back

Claire and co got us a prime table because we are with the band. We're
chatting it up as the music plays.

Wishing you were here!

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