11 February 2007

Work and Sleep

The time difference you get used to in your head and in your sleeping schedule. But the separation in time from your friends and family can put a little strain on things.

This week, I was really productive at work, but couldn't seem to connect with anyone from back home. It is like once you are out of sight, you are out of mind. This is something I am usually okay with, but for some reason it hit me more than usual this weekend.

I've been looking ahead at my travel schedule and there is evidently no rest for the wicked. Schedule is booking up quickly. My only regret is there is no personal time on the books any time soon. For now, I'll just have to make time with the dailies.

You'd think I would be finding more time to blog, but alas. I think it is because when I have a long or hard day it's spent thinking and planning. At the end of one, I don't have the cerebral power to crank out any prose. Maybe I can adjust my schedule to prioritize better...

In any case, I'm missing my pop culture a little bit. That's the downside of being plugged in and then not.

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