15 November 2009

Hey Monday!

The ShowBox at the Market got rocker last night. Hard.

It was a really fun line-up of bands that seemed to gel smoothly to
create a mosh-fest that was much appreciated. The booker for ShowBox
needs a bonus for this one.

First up were the Friday Night Boys who got everyone moving and
jumping and generally in the spirit.

Afterwards, the band I was most excited for, Hey Monday came out and I
had to wade into the pit for dancing and mayhem. They delivered a
solid set of anthems, lively stage presence and all-around an
excellent show.

In my mind it was the next band, We The Kings, that stole the show.
Even over All Time Low who headlined. Don't get me wrong I'm an ATL
fan, but the marked improvement I've noticed over the last time I saw
WTK blew my mind!

A special treat in the middle was a cover of Jimmy Eat World, The
Middle. I couldn't stop jumping and pumping my fist. Along with 1000
of my closest mosh-friends.

On a seperate note, the crew of the Box and the various bands were
really on it last night in a big way. They set everything up and tore
it down with smooth and seamless precision that was Swiss-watch
worthy. Hats off to them!

I'll get some pictures up when I can, but if you have a chance to see
them (hint, hint, Jingle Bell Bash) do the needful to be there because
they are worth it.

And since I'll be in India, first confirmed request will get my two
tickets to JBB on the 19th. It's good to have friends in the business.

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