15 October 2009

Snow Patrol and Plain White T's

Last night Seattle got rocked by two great bands.

The Plain White T's started things off right, engaging the crowd with
favorites. They played some new stuff which was exciting to hear.
Their sound has gotten a lot smoother and more accessible which was
evidenced by all the people singing along.

After a longer than expected break, Snow Patrol woke everyone up with
some rowdy renditions of popular singles. Some of the lesser listened
to music took on new life with passionate and powerful stage

The Paramount in GA mode remains a great venue, especially for smooth
rocking bands who feel intimate but have a full presence on stage and
a diverse audience who aren't necessarily used to rubbing shoulders.

Snow Patrol captured my ear again and the chance to hear the accent
live and watch the guitars rip in real-time was a treat I'll always be
down to catch. If you have half an ear you'll want to find a
performance to watch for yourself.


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v said...

oh yessss.
the songs of them are so good to hear
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