14 October 2009

Secondhand Serenade

The first time I saw Secondhand Serenade was at the House of Blues in
Anaheim. It was a one-man acoustic show and his passion and powerful
lyrics got to me.

It's hard to compare this show, as he was headlining with a band, and
the Showbox SoDo was in it's more intimate arrangement. But having
Evan Taubenfield open was a flash-back that made me smile.

Usually I'd be seeing gigs like this at El Corazon or Chop Suey, so
it's nice to see the artists upscaling to the likes of the Showbox and
the venues expanding their audiences.

Watching acoustic songwriters transition from carrying a show to
performing in front of a band isn't always the easiest. They can over-
reach and end up sounding formulaic and repetitive. Take Matt
Nathanson for example. I'd quit a job, lie to my mom, stand-up a date
with Mrs. Draper, or mug an old lady for tickets just to watch him
play a 5 song solo set. But tell me he's headlining his band again and
I'll have to check the calendar to see if there aren't any good movies
playing first. The difference is that significant.

All in, the bands were engaging and lively, while the crowd was
festive and typical for Seattle. I'll definitely head back to SoDo
whenever it's in small setting though, because that was well done.

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