26 July 2012

Into The Sun

Sometimes there are no words.
Other times, you can listen to Julia Nunes.

Tell me this, why do you run away?
Just when I decided to say something true for once.
You should try it and see what you mean.
Cause I can't read the lines let alone in between.

I'm waking up to see the sun.
It's a light that lets me know a new day's begun.
I can leave behind the tears of my unconscious mind,
To the sunshine.

And I know my mellow tones can be misleading.
But I've just put my anger to good use.
You see I've given up on begging and pleading.
Every scratch on this guitar is because of you.

 -- Into The Sunshine by Julia Nunes

Buy her album "Settle Down" now. Right now. You'll thank me for the rest of your life.

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