14 October 2008

Michael Harper, that musician whose cd you really wanted but couldn't find.

After a crazy weekend involving things way to personal and
unbelievable to put in such a public forum, I was able to attend
another great show at The Triple Door.

I was very honored to have the always immaculate Lolly as my escort
this particular evening. She is fantastic company and a remarkably
articulate comversationalist. If you have the pleasure, steep long in
it. If not, find a way to know this amazing individual.

Afterwards, as I was looking forward to a good night early to bed, I
was happily surprised to find out I finally had a chance to see
Michael Harper live. He played a late show at Tost in Fremont and his
loyal and significant fan base was in force.

I waded through the crowd and managed to find a seat by Angela who
insisted on buying me drinks. Who knew a Hemingway Daquiri was so

As I lost myself in the muse that is Michael Harper, I realized I
needed to let those of you who've been trying to get a hold of him
know you missed a great show.

Well done Michael.

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