04 October 2008

Trying Something New

Our gang wanted to try something new last night. So we go someplace
we've never been. A place with culture and fun people. And drinks. And
hookah. And dancing. Can't forget the dancing.

It started with Danny and I at happy hour at Umi. The G&T's put me
under so I ended up napping at 8pm while Jereme and Josh snuck out for
gyros. 3 hours and two hookahs later everyone has arrived and the
place is blowing up.

Net result? Two friends get kicked out of bars, Josh insults a random
lady who comes home with us, we lose 3 credit cards and a drivers

Our house looks like we got robbed, I awake to Danny yelling for Lolly
to make breakfast and Josh is playing guitar on my bed. Beautiful.

Oh and we won the dance competition.

Just another Friday night. Keeping things mellow.

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