30 May 2008

Don't Ignore Me!

Lately my little social circle has been expanding. This is probably a
good thing.

The really interesting thing I've been noticing is how connected we
all are, especially via text and twitter. One thing in particular
stood out about this. And it wasn't just that we'll all be in a group
and half the people won't be talking but instead texting. Really it
became a little disconcerting to me how validating it is to have
someone texting you.

I noticed this at first because of the inverse. It was crushing to me
to text someone and not get a response. Sending my words out in the
ether and getting no response made me feel worse then if I had just
gotten a rejection. I would rather have a random lady reject me in a
bar, than to have a friend ignore my texts. Especially if it is the
first time I've ever texted that person.

At what point did my self-esteem get so wrapped up in the
communication ineptitude of others? I'm supposed to be better than
this and yet a couple of ignored texts almost sent me to the fetal
position in tears hugging a pillow.

Maybe I'm just being emo?

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