03 November 2008

An Attack of Memory

I thought it was time to share some of my writings once again. This one in particular is petty, simple, and trite. But then what did you really expect?


Pardon my sense of the obvious
It's quiet tonight and I still hear your voice
ringing in my ears
The image of you in my mind
stops my breath and my sight
stills my hammering yammering world
all at once.

For just a single hot heartbeat
I lose all my senses
my hands are as cold as my chest
it is burning the yearning intensifies
as I relive it
and crashing my pulse starts again
only racing this time
as thoughts and reality interrupt to remind me
I'm sitting amidst this whole crowd
who are totally separate and serve
to reveal my despair and my drowning

I'm here without you but only in body
within my soul you wait
for I have your promise
you won't leave me sitting alone

Your whispered words find me
your needing and and pleading in my memory
bring me back to my senses
awake from the dreaming
one moment of memory enough to consume me
and leave me elated frustrated sated

Your touch I've awaited to tell me
completely without reservation
no more hesitations
you match me
you'll find me in these quiet moments
when even my ears betray
your voice will find a way
from inside my memory
to free me to ecstasy

If only for a heart span I would trade
the pause in reality that comes from
one single stolen moment with you

If the shadow of single memory of you
undoes me with such abandon
how dare I imagine I might survive
the bliss of a world and day in which
your touch is truly mine

I worry fretting that there are not
sufficient depths in me to contain
the light that is your smiling untiring
incomparable companionship

In the loud words resounding in my head
I say I seek a partner
in this still solitude
I hear your whispered voice ringing in my ears
and pray only that I am found worthy
of that which I've discovered

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