29 September 2005

Yay for Nathan. And Happy Birthday.

Last night I got a chance to hang out with my Sean, Dave, and Nathan.  It's been a while since I've had a chance to see Nathan since he's been in Germany most of the summer.

It's Sean's birthday today, YAY!  He's old.  But he's one of the coolest old guys I know.  He's also a horrible influence on me.  When he's had to much to drink he like to call people little piggies!  I suspect he secretly has a piglet fetish.  Not really sure what a piglet fetish is exactly, but if anyone has one, it would be Sean.  Happy Birthday, succa!

On that note, can I just say great job on the company last night Nathan.  That was pretty excellent.  Sorry you couldn't play with us, but I'm glad we got hooked up at the end.

The last point is about Serenity on Friday.  I'll be checking it out with Dave and I'm pretty excited.  Not leg-humping excited, but pretty close.  Don't stand to close.

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