19 September 2005

Me, Sick?

Evidently sitting through hours of conference presentations, eating conference fare, and being altogether to busy to workout are indeed, bad for your health.

Today I should be enjoying the sunshine of beautiful Phoenix and preparing to be poked and prodded tomorrow.  After all, it's better to go into serious stuff like that with a clear head and calm heart, right?

Instead, I'm stuffed up, more than a little cranky, as well as sore and sensitive.  You can pretty much sum it up with blech.  Sad but true, even I get sick and tired from time to time.

For my true fans, please be patient.  I have excellent pictures from last week, several in-depth posts and a couple of essays on the way.  Ever the perfectionist, I need to have my head screwed on so I can polish them up and get them out there.

For those who are able, we need many prayers for my friends baby.  Healing, good test results, peace for the family.  My knees are getting a workout, are yours?

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