15 September 2005

Brett is SOOO Cool

At the opening keynote they announced an amazing deal to a limited set of attendees.  They were offering an HTC Universal (JasJar) for $149!!  This is a device that has an MSRP for $800 and will regularly sell for at least $600.  What an incredible opportunity.

Of course, during the session I was paying attention, but some of my colleagues took initiative and ordered online from their devices right away.  Cool use of technology, eh?  So when no one else got one, my group of friends (except me) all got in on the deal. I was bummed.

All yesterday, they were walking around using the cool new device, emailing, messaging, etc.  I was even more bummed.

Then suddenly at Universal Studios last night, my day brightened like a new dawn!  My good friend Brett who had ordered one, won another one for wearing a special hat.  In an amazing act of generosity, he offered to sell me his extra one for the price of the offer.  Can you say AMAZING!  He could have sold it online for more than a thousand dollars (several are listed on ebay for $1200-$1500) and instead he gave it to me for $150.  What a guy! Needless to say, I owe him big time.

My second piece of good fortune was that Taft won a stuffed puppy and gave it to me, also.  What great people, eh?

So now, I'm walking around with my amazing new phone, enjoying the sessions and posting from this outstanding device.  I am truly blessed.

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