15 September 2005

Most Creative Give-Away

Walking through the Expo today I came across several old friends who I haven't seen for many years.  Amazing what can change in a decade, huh?

While wandering around I came across a company MyKB that makes a knowledge management solution.  The give-away was an old 5.25 inch floppy disk that had the words:
Still supporting your customers with old technology?

This was by far the most creative give-away of the whole conference.  When I gave the guy kudos I mentioned that I was posting on my blog that they would receive my vote for most-creative.

Now you guys all know my policy of not supporting junk.  Ever.  So to make sure I would be able to post it, I went and ran through their live demo and checked out the material on them.  Needless, they meet my requirements for not sucking!  If they had I wouldn't have posted their name, just that they gave away a cool gift.

Now that you know, go check them out.  You can find them at MyKB.com (which makes sense, right?).

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