14 September 2005

Business Intelligence

The new SQL Analysis Service, BI Development Environment, and Reporting Services are just cool.

It seems like every couple months I find myself arguing the merits of constructing and analysis database (warehouse, mart, etc) with someone who just doesn't see the value.  Most of the time, that really means they don't understand the costs involved.  Either they think it costs (money, time, resources) more than it truly does, or they believe they can achieve the same result another way.  Occasionally they just don't understand the full benefits.

With this new package of tools and capabilities it should hopefully make it easier for engineers to embed rich business intelligence data into more solutions.  The impact points for this type of data aren't just powerful, they are pervasive.

Another aspect I am looking forward to is how easy it will be for average knowledge workers to increase their efficiency significantly without learning new tools or rolling out all kinds of new infrastructure.

Keep an eye out for cool some more detail on this cool technology.

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