01 October 2005


It's time for a quick recap of the last two days.

Firstly, Serenity was amazing!  It was absolutely outstanding.  A great movie experience, a great chance to reconnect with some of the greatest characters ever written, and a fun ride as a stand-alone blockbuster.  I highly recommend this movie.  You'll enjoy it.

Secondly, I saw Building 429 and Casting Crowns tonight.  What a total waste of time as a concert.  Don't get me wrong I like the music, but as a concert it was grossly mishandled.  The lines were incredibly long, there were WAY to many people and no seats.  The tour manager came out on stage and said there were 150 people who hadn't paid who came in through a back-door and would they please leave.  The fire marshall was going to ask everyone without a ticket (like more than 300) to leave.  The place was freakishly hot and cramped.  A totally wasted concert experience.  Extreme Faith Productions really needs to get there act together. Definitely they need to fire the tour manager.

Lastly, I need to wish Happy Birthday to Corrine and Eric. They are both getting older and more lovely. Cheers, guys!

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me said...

Good to hear, i had been thinking a bunch about Serenity. Question: Would it behoove one to get firefly on dvd before seeing the movie?