13 October 2005

Yay for Pay TV!

For the last two years I've been ranting about how the networks could significantly increase their revenue streams by releasing rights-protected versions of their shows over the internet on a daily basis.  It would appear that finally somone at the networks woke up and realized the potential.  Or maybe Steve Jobs is sneakier than everyone previously believed.

First he uses his battle with Disney to get Eisner (what a complete tool!) fired. That paves the way for Bob Iger who is more Jobs-friendly.  Together they are finally able to pull off the coolest stunt I've seen in a few years.  Getting the networks to release their shows the day after for $2 will totally create huge change in the consumer media market.  They are effectively forcing every network to release their media at a totally reasonable price-point on a very aggressive timeline.  About freakin' time.

Iger, you rock!  Jobs, I tip my hat to you.  NBC, get on the band-wagon quick.  You'll make a mint off me.

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