10 October 2005


Flew into Denver this morning amid a most excellent snow storm.  Considering that I spent the weekend in the glorious Phoenix heat, it made for an interesting change.

Being on the road all the time gets difficult when you switch climates and cultures often.  I could wear shorts in the heat, but I'm going to step off a plane into a snowbank.  Lugging along a jacket when I spend all day watching the Seattle sky dump rain just doesn't seem to make sense.  My gloves and my beanie are my two favorite things when it gets cold.  It seems no matter how nippy it is, I'm good if my hands and head are warm.

Oh, and I got to dance this weekend.  Mark learned some new moves.  It was really cool.  We only played one game of have you met Mark.  He's not that good at it.  Of course, since he is dating my sister I had pretty low expectations.  ;-)

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