17 October 2005

Oh Palisade!

Can I just say how much I love Palisade?! What a remarkable restaurant.  Exquisite food, good friends.  Do I live a charmed life or what?

Happy birthday to Joe!  Sorry we didn't get to catch up.

Everyone write Scot a memo and let him know you really want him to kick it in high gear and finish the worship album.  His newest song is absolutely AMAZING!  I am not that easily impressed and it blew me away.  We've been having the same discussion about the music, the people, the impact, and the point for quite some time now.  This was the first genuine, totally harmonious, boy-are-we-on-the-same-page discussion we've had.  Usually, we snipe each other a bit and lock musical horns.  In regards to his latest song, I am truly the biggest fan.  It's exactly what is needed.  Excellent work.  Truly.

Now if he'd just lay "Ardent" down also...

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