07 October 2006

A Fan of Anne

The fall television season is always something I anticipate.  The new comedies, intrigues, and characters are brain candy that I sorely need while motoring along the elliptical trainer for hours on end every week.

The latest fun little surprise is Men in Trees which stars Anne Heche.   I've always been a fan of hers and it was to my delight to discover this show is a refreshing vehicle to showcase her loveableness.


If you haven't caught any of the episodes, here's a quick overview. Men in Trees is a quirkly drama with an eclectic character base and fabulous fashion sense set in the little town of Elmo, Alaska.  The main character is very real, which is uncommon for such fare, even though the sexual tension is a little predictable.

The setting makes for some great cinematography, and the quick pace of the dialog keeps you humming along.

In the mood for something light and delicious?  Check it out.

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