28 October 2006

New Found Glory Indeed

This week was crazy.  Supporting multiple teams at work, huge deadlines, and lack of sleep.  I averaged 4 hours a night which meant I was making mistakes as I zombied around.

Then Thursday night came.

My good friend Josh came down from up north and we went to the House of Blues to see New Found Glory rock the house.  I have seen them several times and every time they reassert themselves as the best band I've ever known.  Experiencing anything musical or creative with Josh is always a treat. He has an appreciate of art that I found to be unique; a blend of elitism and pragmatic consumerism all rolled into one.  He can appreciate the sublime, the mass, and perfection without comment but with commentary.  I will always love him for that.

If you have a chance check out the new NFG album, Coming Home.  It is a really good find.

And now, I'm off to Hawaii.  Thank heavens.

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