29 October 2006

Companionably Alone

Somehow I find myself still on India time.  Not entirely sure if it is the lack of any sleeping schedule this week, the changing timezones enroute to Hawaii, or just my internal clock in mild rebellion.  In any case, even though I am tired and want to sleep, I find myself and watching the Hawaiian sunrise.  Perhaps I don't want to be asleep surrounded by all this? It is very beautiful here. (duh?)
Dawn stretches, yawns, breathes deeply.
Companionably alone I
soak in the sights and sounds of the
seascape surrounding me.
Light illuminates clouds
etches trees and rocks in stark relief.
Thoughts of yesterday, before, and then, are gone,
yielding to the yearning of oceans echo.
There floats a fish,
there sails a ship,
now washes a wave against my mind.

Such a place needs no together.
Meanderingly I arise and alight,
facing the full of day,
companionably alone, content.

I am not sure exactly what made me wax pathetically poetic today.  Perhaps just that overblown sense of appropriate behavior when faced with the magnificence that is such a flagrant vacation destination.  Man, did I ever need this place.  And I needed it even more once I realized that the internet works great from this beach...

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