06 November 2006

Back in the Rain

The last few weeks (months!) I've been blessed to spend my time in very temperate climates...India, Hawaii, Southern California.  This week I'm back in Seattle and loving it.  It was interesting to me how much I brightened up at the idea of coming back to the land of grunge and rain.

Of course, having spent so much time in warmer tempatures I was caught a little by surprise by the volume of rain when I got on the ground.  It wasn't that I didn't remember to bring a jacket.  I actually reminded myself to pull it out of the closet.  Then I promptly left it on the couch in the apartment.

So now, I've been running around in the rain freezing my little tush.

Speaking of which, I saw the movie Babel last night which was possibly the worst movie I have seen since the Thin Red Line.  I wanted to poke my eyes out just to stay awake.  Even the gratuitous use of full frontal nudity (something I would normally applaud) was unable to quell my desire to intellectually vomit.  See this movie at your own risk.

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