19 November 2006

Sexyback? JT is now on the nemisis list.

How crazy is it when you find someone who hurts you attractive?

When the woman who filleted your soul and routinely rips out the stitches you are pathetically attempting to hold yourself together with and pours battery acid in the gaping hole…when desperately trying to ignore her, you realize that she's still kind of hot. Especially now that she's doesn't resemble Kate Moss on a diet after back to back colonics.

It's a shame really. Why would my normally level head present such twisted symptoms of lunacy? Maybe I'm under too much stress. Maybe it's just been too long since…well just too long. Maybe I'm just a guy who from time to time can have his head spun by just about anything for any reason whatsoever. Yeah. That's it. The testosterone defense. That's my story and I'm sticking too it.

If we ever do have a chance to converse, please, never, ever, bring this up.

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