08 October 2006

Horn Ok Please

Did you know there is a Hard Rock Cafe in ?  I didn't before yesterday.  But as of now, I can say I've seen it.

Flying while your sinuses are congested is just a gross way to travel.  For three days I hadn't been able to hear out of my left ear and everything I could hear was only via a weird echo.  That is finally letting up, thanks in no small part to several medications and heaps of self-abuse.

Traveling in this boisterous city continues to be a stew-pot of possibilities and scenarios.  Walking around doing some shopping in the metropolitan area with some friends, some kids tried to hijack my buddy and get his wallet.  One youth grabbed his legs while the other went for the wallet.  There were like four of them and they almost succeeded. I was very amazed at how calmly my friend reacted.  He just pushed them away and kept walking.  This fascinated me.  My own response was very indignant at being acosted in such a manner, and it wasn't even me, I was just watching!  Which doesn't say much for my skills accompanying others does it?  The whole thing took about 5 seconds, but I think I couldn't believe it was happening for the first 3 and during the last three all I could do was glare.  Not much use, am I?

We have definitely seen the happy, festive aspects as well; with beautiful lush trees and greenery, intimidating stone architecture, and the most colorful clothing and attire.  I can't wait to how this place can get more riotous during Diwali. My friend purchased a nice long Kurta (shirt) for me so that I can experience (the Festival of Lights) more fully.  It was very gracious.

The adventures of the weekend are complete and now it is back to work again.

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