06 January 2006

Vladimir Kush

Quite some time ago I was introduced to a fantastic artist that really touched me with his work. From time to time, I find myself drawn back to his paintings to ponder and reflect with renewed interest the subtle statements and layers found within them.

If you have never luxuriated in the feast of flair that is the work of Vladimir Kush then you have a great pleasure that awaits you. I've attached here completely without remorse a scan of one of my favorite of his portraits in the hope you will seek them out more fully. It should be noted that this horrendous reproduction doesn't begin to do justice to the magnificance that is a true Kush painting. I include it here as only a morsel to whet your desire; set an alarm so you don't lose track of time while looking at it.

1 comment :

me said...

Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic thanks for the tip... KB your mind is like a old uncles attic, full of treasures to be found :)