06 January 2006

A Discussion of the ABC's

Today I learned about my ABC's. You would think someone as educated as myself would have previously been aware of such a thing, but fortunately I continue to learn something new every day. In this particular conversation with some colleagues the term ABC's was brought up in reference to Abortion, Birth Control, and Capital Punishment.

It was an effervescent dialog to begin with, but then this outstandingly succinct way to introduce such topics just flew out there. Being a fairly confrontational, discussion-driven person, whom some might call argumentative, it was extremely humourous to me. Finally, I have a way to wrap up several key points into a nice little poison package designed to get right in there under the skin and expose the core of a philosophy of a person. There isn't much you can't understand about someone from watching how they address these issues. Not so much their specific stances, but how they talk about their position, how they address such sensitive and often-emotional issues.

Bottom-line, Matt is my new hero. Even if he doesn't think Romney has a chance in 2008.

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